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Jerk Finish Critique


A photo of my completed jerk, all feedback appreciated.


A video would be more useful but here goes anyway

looks okay on the whole but this is a critique

front foot isn't far enough forwards
back knee isn't bent enough
back heel is not high enough, the higher the rear heel, the more you are on your toes so this pushes your knee forwards so your knee is lower and this will push your hips square.
-if you look your right hip is behind and twisted due to the above reason
back foot is too far backwards relative to how your front foot is.
head should be slightly further forwards
--this is a very minor thing

again a video would be a more accurate representation than a picture.

Most limit jerks won't exhibit perfect technique and will almost certainly have one or two of the above issues outlined anyway.

But on the whole looks okay. The above are uber critiques.



Appreciate it!





Front foot looks as though it is turned inward. Ideally you would want it straight ahead or facing slightly outward.


Textbook says the front foot is suppose to turn in slightly.

Outwards on the Jerk would be ankle snap city.



Thanks for the correction Koing. It is best to go by the standards set in text books or by qualified coaches when learning.

I feel that I am slightly less balanced if my foot is to face inwards rather than straight forward or slightly outwards. Just standing here in my study imitating a split jerk it feels as though the ankle is much more vulnerable and less balanced when facing inwards. It isn't an area I've focussed a lot of time thinking about but that is how it feels to me. Discussion anyone?

Sorry to stray from the initial post pre04.


Any change will be uncomfortable as you are not use to it.

Forwards or slightly inwards is what most people do. Not really anyone turn their toe outwards a bit for the Jerk. It isn't such a big deal if you turn your toe slightly outwards, but I'd be wary as I don't know what the rest of your position looks like. It could be cause of concern as you could be doing something else wrong.



I actually am not sure of my front foot position but my jerks feel good. Feel free to critique when I post my nationals comp in a week or so. I'll post it on T-Nation :slightly_smiling: