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Jerk Confusion


I'll keep this short and sweet.

When I do Jerks, do I Jerk straight from the Rack position or do I transition into more full on grip before I Jerk the weight overhead?
Plus, is it wierd I prefer not to split Jerk but do more of a ?squat? Jerk?


I like to get a bit more of a grip on the bar. Check out the video, as soon as I recover from the clean I pop the bar off my shoulders and adjust my grip while it's in the air.

Also, I say use the jerk style that lets you get the most weight.


Most people reset the bar in the hand as opposed to the 'fingertips'. It's more secure and is a little shorter distance.

Though judging by the length of your digits in your avatar you may be a good fingertip jerker! :wink:


Hmmm, I'll give that a try, I thinkg that would work good, cause tyring to jerk it from holding it with my fingertips does not feel safe at all lol.

How much weight is that by the way?! I dunno if I'm counting right but it looks nigh on 200kg


Haha, my long fingers are only good for playing the piano unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll give the switch about a try.
Thanks for the help.


Haha I wish man. If that was 200 I'd be a monster. It's 125kg. Four 25 lb bumpers per side plus a nickel and a dime = 275lbs = 125kg. I only have 25 lb bumpers. Maybe I'll get that 200 one day though ha.


This right here is why I love bumper plates.


That's why I hate them! I start clarking the bar when it looks like a lot of weight :confused: I got a lot better when I got my coloured kg plates that were much smaller than my cheap black lbs plates.


I have to agree with debra haha


125kg is still alot of weight. I need to up my game! Im only doing 62.5 kg at the moment haha.

I need to get myself an olympic bar and bumper plates for home use - I'm stuck with a golds gym babrbell and undersized plates.
I'm Scared to load the bar up at the gym in case I fall over and land on someone or drop it on some poor bloke benching.


yeah man you really do need bumpers and a decent bar and some space where you can bail on the lift for these. otherwise you'll just never be able to push it hard enough to make optimal progress


Then that's a mental issue. Can't think about how much weight is on the bar and how heavy it looks. What's on the ends of the bar is largely inconsequential, focus on what's happening through your hands. Of course you need to find what works for you, but I find focusing on keeping the bar close and hitting the positions properly and having the confidence that doing so will result in a successful lift is all that I need. Everything else needs to be removed from your mind.

And I maintain that it's awesome when I'm lifting and people think I'm lifting way more than I am because they don't "get" bumper plates haha.


Haha I never denied that I wasn't an out and out mental case on the clean. I'll put anything over my head without hesitation, but sometimes heavy cleans just get in my head like nothing else.


Haha fair enough. Guess you know what you need to work on.


I am willing to admit I have mental problems :slight_smile: I've wondered if a dose of Prozac or Lithium would help my lifting so I wouldn't have to work so hard at tricking myself.


I wouldn't fuck with SSRI's. Never heard of Lithium.


haha I was only kidding :smiley:


I figured, but ya never know lol