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Jeremy Horn Vs Forrest Griffin


Found this online...

Jeremy Horn Vs Forrest Griffin...



That was a sweet kick to the head. But it's also rare in MMA that a kick to the head is a stopper.


Have you seen any Cro-Cop or Chuck fights?



I'm going to disagree with you here, so would Tra Telligman.


Great fight-- I've always liked Jeremy Horn. Seeing him give Frank Shamrock one hell of a fight back in the late nineties was a pleasant surprise.

The video was cool, but at least one of those guys announcing is a fucking tool. Who is that loudmouth, a former fighter?


In the UFC, HK's arent used that frequently to stop opponents but in Pride (and other organizations that have fighters with better stand up skills) HK's are used all the time. Cro Cop uses a LHK to stop his opponents on a fairly regular basis.

Although he lost, I think Forrest did pretty good considering he was fighting a guy with much more experience. Thanks for posting the fight!

On a side note, what does everyone think of the Griffin/Ortiz matchup? Conventional wisdom tells me Tito is going to kick his ass (or l & p him to death) but I just don't know, I think Forrest has a pretty good chance.


Anyone know where I can find a clip of Liddel vs. Quinton Jackson? I heard Jackson fucks him up.


He kicks the shit out of him! Ummm...check Sherdog.com...they have a forum section devoted to multimedia, I'm sure they have a highlight clip of that fight (there arent a lot of Liddell fans on that site.)

edit: found it http://media.putfile.com/Rampage-vs-Liddell-HL-by-WorldIsEnding



I love the UFC but it seems that Pride has the superior fighters overall. JMO


No prob!
I agree...especially in the middle and heavy weight divisions. UFC's heavy division has A.A. and thats about it. Pride has Fedor, Cro Cop, Nog, Fujita, ect. I like the UFC but it has no where near the talent pool of Pride.


To the guys who are talking about head kicks:

Yes, I have seen them used. My point (and I forget that one must be crystal clear-sorry) is that a head kick is far more rare than a punch to the head, or a take down, or a submission hold.

Are we all okay with this now?


I think most people would agree that pride has better fighters. But, the rules seem to make the UFC a little more enjoyable to watch.

Great video.


Yeah, I don't know what Tra was thinking when he was standing in front of big Tim. Tra's skills have dropped like a stone since I've seen him fight last time. But, it's been a few years.