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Jeopardy to Pit Human Against Computer


The game show "Jeopardy!" will pit man versus machine this winter in a competition that will show how successful scientists are in creating a computer that can mimic human intelligence.

fuck...soon the COMUPTERS are gonna be stealing our women!


Ken Jennings was a machine, so this is redundant.


ken jennings is playing against the computer




I'll take 'BOW BEFORE ME' for $500, Alex.


I remember seeing this as they were developing it (perhaps in an earlier stage) and the machine fucking blew. Its a machine specifically programmed to play jeopardy by human programmers. Its cool but its not skynett.


but after it gets a taste of victory...what's next?? It'll want to win Chess. and Football. Then, it will want to win wars.

the end is nigh, REPENT!




No way a computer can beat me (a human contrary to what you may have heard) in the category of "Potent Potables"!!!