Jens Pulver: Driven (Documentary)

I watched this last night on Netflix Instant, and it’s simply great.

It follows Pulver’s training for his “last” fight in March 2010, but the training/fight prep is really in the background for most of the film. The majority of it is just him talking “confessional-style” right to the camera about his incredibly abusive childhood, his family life, how and why he keeps fighting even when he recognizes that he’s “past his prime”, and just him being human.

I’ve always thought he seemed like a really great, humble, and down to earth guy who’s not afraid to cry in front of people (and he does cry in the movie… a lot… and that’s okay).

Absolutely worth a watch.

Here’s a deleted scene that reinforces how straight-forward and relatable the guy is:

Thanks for sharing.

I’ll check this out on Netflix.

I was at that fight. It was a good farewell for Jens. He is a warrior and a cool ass dude.