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Jennifer Thompson at Arnold Raw Challenge


Jennifer Thompson 132lbs. competing at the 2011 Arnold Raw Challenge

Broke the American Record Squat, just missed the All-time World Record Squat.
Just missed breaking her own All-time World Record Bench Press.
Taking such a big jump in the bench and missing put her well behind her American Record Total.
She would need a huge deadlift to break her American Record total and to go over 500 wilkes points again.

Watch and See!!!!!!


Cool deal. What was the squat number?? (i cant see youtube vids at work)


Hit 314, just missed 326


This woman is ridiculously strong. 2xBW bench AND 3xBW dead... amazing.


I got shivers. Thanks for posting that. She's really amazing.


I got to see her lift at USAPL Raw Nats last summer and had the opportunity to talk to her. I just can't understand how she's so strong. But she always gets meet tested as well as OMTed. She truly is amazing.


Great Stuff!


Amazingly strong. Fantastic.


Wow. Talk about a motivator!


Incredible pull! Incredible total. Awesome!


Such a skinny girl benching 2xbw... Little arch... I don't get it.

Very impressive!

And I thought Jan Bast was the only one in the world like that...


That was the most humbling thing I've seen in a long time... lol

Great lifts!


Very impressive lifting!