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Jennie Hollier's 248 Bench @ 114 Program


For those that might be interested, I've compiled the exact powerlifting programs of many of our sport's top drug free powerlifters in a simple, step-by-step format. The following programs are included:

Jennie Hollier's 248 bench @ 114 Program
Jason Beck's IPF World Championship Program (2127 @ 220)
Mike Broussard's Arnold Classic Program (1592 @ 148)
Nelson Boutte's Junior World's Program (1405 @ 148)
Kyle Ramsey's 800-pound teenage squat program
The powerlifting program used by UL Lafayette to win Collegiate Nationals


248 bench is pretty good!
Most I every benched back in the day (1985) was 240 in the women's 148-lb class.
What's Jennie's weight class?


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I've got the Snapper's 110 bench @ 114 program. Fee is really nominal.


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