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Jelqing ??


Hey all, I know this has been brought up before, and I know some people on here have tried this technique. For those who have, I have some questions:

1) Does it actually work?
If so:
2) I already have 7.5 - 8" -- can I expect any gain from this technique?
3) I know HOW to jelq, but how long (in minutes) does one need to do it each session and how often should one do it to achieve results?
4) How long does it take to achieve noticeable results?
5) Will I notice a size increase in my penis when soft, or does this technique only effect size when erect?

I know some of you will probably want to flame me off of the boards, if you do, feel free... but I'm sure there are others out there who are curious about this as well. The way I figure, if you can add a little bit of size with a simple technique like this, what's to lose trying it, even if your hung already.


dont know what it is but it sounds sick.

i once had an old school buddy who was in his forties and been around the block a few times give me a sure fire way to add length to the penis.

grab yourself some fishing weights of various poundages, tie a piece of yarn around your schlong and to the weight. once you have it secured tightly, start jumping up and down until your dong is longer.

give it a try let me know how it works for you.


So basically you tried to come up with a reason to tell the whole forum you're hung! That's if your measuring right! Not that I want to know. New rule no one can post how big their wanger is. No arguements Karma!!! They can pm you with their pee pee size! :wink:

Hey thanks p-dog now I have yarn burns on my dick! Asswipe!!! :wink:


Haven't heard about this either. Where did you learn about this?

I believe there is a tendon that prevents too much increase in length, but I don't know how easy it is to stretch this tendon. Plastic surgeons will snip this tendon, which immediately adds like an inch, then you wear weights, similar to what P-DOG said.

I would be careful because there have been a few reports about permanent damage due to attempts at increases in length, but I believe most have been due to the vacuum pumps.


Arcane: that was not the purpose of this post. Why the heck would I want to tell people how big I am? Most people who have reported gains with this method have been small or average to begin with - I was curious as to whether it would be at all useful for me or not.

To the others: Just do a forum search on the topic, you'll turn up a few results on here.

Sniper, all you to say is:

'I am already pretty hung.'

There. No numbers. See what a little foresight can do? AND it achieves exactly the same purpose of your original post.


There are no known non-surgical ways to increase your dick. All those websites claiming they can do it are full of shit. Want to know how to do it? Easy - make your self half hard, but not all the way, use one hand to seal the blood in at the base of your dick, then use the other hand to force the blood to the tip repeatedly.


diesel: Point well taken. That would have worked just fine - I guess I just didn't think about it and didn't realize it would be a big deal.

JWright: so your saying it doesn't work? I sort of suspected that. Those who have reported gains generalls say they do it 30+ minutes a day... there's no way I'm wasting that much time on it.


Yeah man, shit doesn't work. You'd have to play with your dingaling for hours on end to see any results. Who has that kind of time? Besides bro, it's not the size of the ship, it's the motion in the ocean. Ain't the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

We all know that if you say you are 8 inches, we can easily divide that number in half and get the true measurement :slight_smile: Just joshin' ya!!


Did you know that bigconan's dick is over 200 inches long! DAMN! :wink:


from now on, it's "He's hung like a bigconan" instead "he's hung like a horse"

Has a nice ring to it...


Yeah I sure as heck don't have hours, or even 30 minutes a day I'd be willing to spend on that stuff. In any case, I don't have too much to worry about :stuck_out_tongue: I just figured if you can add a half inch or so doing something simple, why not give it a try?

And once again, sorry to post "the numbers " - I didn't realize people would actually care one way or the other :).


Jwright, you still believe all that bullshit about size doesn't matter? That was an old myth to protect guys' egos, more than likely started by a guy with a small dick. Women, for many years beleived it because it was the general consensus but ask any woman who has been with a guy with a decent sized schlong and they can tell you the truth about size. It does matter! If you heard women talk amongst themselves about sex, you'd be shocked.


Oh but I have heard women talk about size. I'm average, and I'm not afraid to admit it, but I know how to use it man. Ask a woman if she'd rather have a dude with big dick that just pounds, or a guy with an average dick that can use it and hit the right spots. That's what I'm talking about. Most women can only take 8 inches or so, because that is the size of the area.


Most women can only take about 8inches is probably right, but that is considered on the larger side as far as penis size. Average is considered 5-6 inches, although I think most would consider this to be small since we are bombarded by larger than average guys in porn/media. Sex is a very psychological thing, especially with women. Stimulating a woman's mind is as important as stimulating her other sensory organs and for most women seeing a large cock will get them extremely turned on. It's evolutionary genetics, the man with the larger penis will be the better mate. A woman who is more turned on, will be more apt and easier to bring to orgasm. Show a woman a photo of a man with a 5-6 inch dick, show a photo of the exact same man but with an 8inch dick and I guarantee you they will prefer the latter. Sorry dude, it sucks, but that's the way it goes.


The insides of a female aren't going to accomodate much more length than 8" comfortably.

Do you believe all the spam you receive?



This technique works, it just depends on the amount of time you are willing to put into it. After one session, done properly, you will not be any bigger, however your penis will be in a "semi-hard" state even when its totally flaccid. There is no "up" to it, but the size is there; especially thickness. Sure, it looks great in the mirror and you go "wow, I want it to look like that 24/7" :). Its temporary, however, like with any part of your body, I would imagine that if you did it consistently for 2-3 months, at the very least your flaccid size "norm" would be larger than what it was. As far as erections, 7.5-8 is more than enough. Based on my own experience and talking with friends about this, as far as the bulk of women involved, someone with 7" can "bottom out" quite easily. What do you need something longer for?

I have heard that the technique works wonders for guys who haven't "matured" yet, like teenagers who are still growing. Think of it this way, if you can't do the splits when you are 15, what are the chances of developing that flexibility when you are 35? Slim to none with a helluva lot more effort. You are dealing with a tendon here.

Check out the people in different countries that experiment with stretching their necks, their ears, their lips, or whatever. Over time, it works. I would imagine that thickness (given the end result of one session) would improve over time as well.

Happy stroking.


loop - penis size is not the only indicator of fitness, my friend. Back in the day of cavemen/women, it used to be the size of the gut - bigger gut = well fed = better hunter = offspring survival. It's not all what's in your jock, but a lot of other things.


keep dreaming!-It's all about the dick. Big dick=happy woman.


You guys are hilarious! And yes, for the record, feel free to PM me with those dick pics. he he heee But I reserve the right to their dissemination.

I have no idea if any of those supposed dick enlargement pills/lotions/potions/exercises work or not - much like "herbal" breast enlargement things - but one thing is true...

Size does matter.

Not in the "hung like a Bigconan" way, but in so much as if you are average (5-6") then you're big enough for the average female. Sure, there are some size queens out there but why concern yourself with anyone fixated on a particular dimension regardless of the body part involved. Would you fixate on the chick that refused to date anyone that didn't have 20" arms or a 60" chest? No. You'd laugh at her and go find yourself one of the bazillgazillion other women that dug YOU for YOU.

Even if you are sooo into the wanting a bigger dick thing - do not get that tendon thing cut. I don't remember the specifics of it but I read somewhere that that tendon is what allows for "cock control". You know, that fabulous ability to make your johnson jump around, play tag and serve as that handy-dandy wet towel hanger? Sure you could add another inch to the length, but you would hang straight down and have no control over it. And that would suck. And not in the nice way.