Jellodirt's Juice Fast

I plan to document the stages of my juice fast so anyone interested can follow along. I am using a Breville centrifugal Juice Fountain juicer.
Age - 43
Height 6’4" (193cm)
Weight 284 (129kg)
Blood pressure 168/97
Resting Heart Rate 80 bpm

Day 1
4 Apples
2 Cucumber
2 Beets
2.5 lbs Carrots
3.5 oz Ginger Root
2 tomatoes
1 large Zuchini
I used these ingredients (each batch) to make 3 days worth of juice as I will be on the road the next couple days. It made a little over half gallon which isn’t enough so starting day 4 I will have to add more vegetables. I like to have about a gallon of juice per day.
Even though I’m drinking a lot of juice it’s still important to drink water. I don’t understand why but if I don’t I get wicked cramps in my calves at night. I will drink 32 oz right away in the morning and again in the evening.
Multi Vitimins
Amino Acids
Hemp Oil
1 oz Apple Cider Vinegar

Good luck with that!

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Day 2
Woke up with mouth tasting like butt. Sweat a lot while sleeping. Surprising not real hungry and no headache yet. Sinuses seem to be draining. Legs feel a little weak and achy. Drank about 3/4 gallon of juice. Some heartburn.

Day 3
Weighed in at 279 lbs this morning. Slept good and don’t feel too bad, dreamt a lot. Slight headache and some heartburn. Could eat but not terribly hungry. Went to the bathroom this morning, no idea where it’s coming from. Blood pressure 150/87. Got busy and didn’t drink enough water today and my hands, feet, back, and forearms are cramping up.

Day 6
Feel good, had pretty bad leg cramps yesterday but did a little research and a few sources said it was from a lack of salt. I ate some salt and they stopped.
Weighed 274 (down 10 lbs) this morning and BP was 144/90 (started @ 168/97).

My juice is always pretty much the same (carrots, apples, cucumbers). I buy produce that I know will produce a lot of juice. The only thing I change around are stronger tasting vegetables like cabbage and rutabaga.

Currently Supplementing
Multi vitimins
Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 oz

Day 7
Weighed 269 lbs this morning. I am going to eat supper tonight and start up my juice fast again tomorrow.

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Down 15 pounds already, that is awesome! Respect

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