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Jelena's Powerful Image


I'm not an avid poster but I just had to say that Jelena looks absolutely stunning in todays PI.



Yes, yes she does. Amazing.


Find me a picture where she doesnt look absolutely stunning... and I'll call photoshop.


I have to agree of course. I disagree however with all of the judges that place her WELL below 1st place in some of the competitions she was in recently. She gets like 6th place while girls that are less muscular and softer come in higher... How frustrating would that be?


Agreed. This is one I haven't seen before, but is one of the best that I have. It shows her beauty, poise, and the fact that she should have placed higher. She's an amazing looking woman.


You get the Understatement of the Year Award!!!

rrjc is right too. I don't think she could take a bad picture if she tried.


All those women have amazing bodies. Just because she is prettier and posts here doesn't mean she should place higher. The judging is so subjective (or political) I have no idea who should win.


True Zap. However, judges are given criteria to base their decisions, and many times you will see those that don't quite fit the criteria as others place higer than those that do. Yes, it's subjective, but moreso in leaning to who the judges like personally.


It wouldnt matter to me if ever girl in the competition posted here really, I've seen side-by-sides and to me Jelena is in better contest shape. The judges are obviously looking for something else, or have some other motive for their choosing than I would is all I'm sayin.


We could make such sweet music together.