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Jekyll and Hyde or Get Jacked?


Hi Christian. Just want to say first up that your training philosophies and programs have had more impact on me than any others throughout my years of training.

I like the appeal of following a long term program set out in a variety of meso cycles and was wondering out of your programs 'Get Jacked' or 'Jekyll and Hyde', which would you recommend to put on quality muscle? Is Get Jacked primarily a body fat loss program?

Thanks for your time.


Both are very good programs, but if you can wait 2-3 weeks you'll get a GREAT one!


CT, I hope the editors are not gonna divide the program into gazillion parts and serve to us over weeks.!! :slight_smile:


Well I for one am giddy with anticipation -lol
Thanks Coach!



I might have peed a little when I saw this post haha...

I'm so amped to see what's in store for us.



2-3 weeks, new (super) program...4-5 weeks, Biotest is doing something big. July is looking like an exciting month!


These are 2 seperate events???



Yes and no...


Hey Coach..I'm looking to dive head first into this new workout protocol you guys are working on, but in the meantime, is there any specific training I can be doing ahead of time that will get me ready for the new program? Kinda like how Phase I of the beast building series got us ready for what was to come?


Not really because any general training will do.


One is the release of the super program the other is the release of anaconda???


My birthday is in july :slight_smile: in about 2-3 weeks, I hope the program is realeased before it :slight_smile: heheheh


Have they given a date for release of the new training system?


i bought jekyl and hyde when it first came out, its an awesome program.

question to CT...can i re-download the ebook some how, i cant seem to find it on my computer anymore


....................... :frowning:


hah thats fantastic, i just started Get Jacked this week. will just have to start the epic program once im finished with Get Jacked.


Check the front page.