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Jeffro's Training Log


I decided to post a training log up here because I want to do something other then write in a notebook. Maybe some fellow lifters will see the kind of stuff I'm doing and get insparation for their own workouts....and if someone has feedback or constructive criticism, that's always good too.

Basics about me- 5'7/ 155, decent shape (about 10% BF), but improving. I'm trying to increase my size and strength levels, like most t-nationers. My long term goal is to be 170 and less then 10% bodyfat by my birthday in December.

I'm more of a conjugate style lifter. i'm influenced by louie Simmons of Westside, Joe DeFranco, Zack Even-esh, and my mentor/coach/employer John McKenna. I work out with him twice a week and do 4 days of lifts on my own.

Now, to the fun stuff.


Today was a high volume, upper-body burnout day. Working extra hard on upper back and tri's, they're both really weak in comparison to the rest of my body. Read an article about MetroFlex gym and their "Powerbuilding" philosophy. It was in muscle & Fitness so it's probably all bullshit, but it did inspire my workout a little bit. It's also a mix of a workout from a fellow trainer at my "other" job, training at a commercial gym. Gotta pay the bills....

30-60 sec rest between exercise groups, no rest between sets

Dean Somerset Core Circuit x2 (warmup)
Powerclean/Front squat & press 5x5 (95x2, 105x3)
Bench Press/Bent Over Row 4x8 (135)
Kroc Row/1-arm DB chest press 2x20 (70/35)
Dips/Pullups 3x15 (BW)
Cable Pushdown/Low Cable Row 10x10 (100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50x5)

Foam rolled and did a quick stretch after. My whole upper body is already beginning to feel sore....gonna have serious DOMS tomorrow morning.


I was sore as hell this morning, It took me a solid 10 minutes to get my ass outta bed. Once I started moving I was good though.

Today's lift was a short, nasty little workout that I kinda thought up on the way to the gym. It's not pretty, complicated, or exotic, but I'm tired now.

60 sec rest between sets except for the snatches; they were nonstop.

Somerset Core Circuit x2 (warmup)
Back Squat/Front squat to Box Jump 5x5 (185/ 8kg each hand) Bells were in a clean position, DID NOT MOVE!
Bulgarian Split Squat/ RDL 5x8 (40 lb DB each hand)
1 hand KB Snatch 8/8 x4 (16 kg)

Foam roll and static stretch after. Not any particularly heavy weight, but pretty solid work all the same. I'll get to take it easy and recover tomorrow...only gotta mow my grandparent's lawn, which isn't a big deal.


Woke up a little sore from saturday, then got my ass kicked at work....so naturally I decided to go heavy, low reps. While it was interesting to lift to get a little swole on, I really just wanna get bigger/stronger so I'm not making days like that a habit. Probably gonna stick with that theme for the rest of the week.

Core circuit x2
Bench Press 3x5@165, 2x5@175
Hip-width Squat 5x5@ 245
Conv. Deadlift 5@275 5@295 2@315
-Felt something click in my back on the way up on the 2nd rep, so I decided to rack it. I'll live to deadlift another day.

Foam roll/stretch after.

Workout with my coach tomorrow, so I'll record whatever I can remember.


Worked out twice today....tired. Worked out with a friend even though I wasn't planning to, but I switched the exercises a little and went light on the leg stuff. The rep-pause sets were pretty challenging though. I need to focus on getting my back involved more.

Workout with my coach in the afternoon was all body-weight, and I really can't remember it all. I think we did every single variation of crab walks/bear crawls known in existence. lots of dynamic flexibility and mobility. Not a lot of rest, and everyone was pushed to the cardiovascular limit. It was a really nice change from crushing the iron again.

Core Circuit x2
Front Squat 2x5@ 135 3x5@185
Bench press 3x5 rest-pause (5 sec rest between reps, 2 min between sets) @185
RDL 5@185, 2x5@ 225


Another simple, ass-kicking workout. I'm definetly a little tired.

Core Circuit x2
Standing Military Press 5@95 5@105 5@110
Front Squat 5x5@185
Power Clean 3x5@155


Was busy yesterday so I didn't get a chance to post my training.
This lift was simple, effective, and fun. I love tire flips.

PVC Pipe Squat / High-pull & fly@ 35lb KB 10/10 (x4)
PVC RDL / Deadclean@ 35lb KB 10/ 10&10 (x4)
Glute-ham Raise/Full Jammer@ purple JSB 10/10 (x3)
Tire flip (225) / pushupx5 (x6)
Heavy Tire Flip (365) 3x3


Another Rippetoe day.

Core Circuit x2
Squat 5x5@255
Bench 5x5@175 (pr)
Deadlift 3x5@255

Bouncing back pretty well, time to GTFO.

Thinking about an accessory day tomorrow.


Upper body accessory day.

Core Circuit x2
BB JM Press 4x8@95
Kroc Row 3x20@ 70
Pullup/dip 3x12@BW
Cable pushdown 4x20@90

Westside Week next....gonna be fun.


Fell a little behind posting my logs.... kind of a scatterbrained week so far.

7/26 (got there a little late)

KB cleans(40 lbs)/ "Windmill" (PVC) 10&10/10
Snatch-hold & leg cross 3x10
Prowler pull&low push x5
Tire flip (don't know reps; between 12-15)
prowler hi/low x3
tire "clean"x (5-8?)

7/27 "westside" bench day

Bench press 6x3@175
DB JM press 4x8 @35
B/O row 2x8@135 2x8@155
Dips/Pullups 3x12@bw