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Jefferson Deads


Anyone ever use these?
If so, do they have a positive impact on strength? Or do they just eat up time that could be used on whatever your regular deadlift may be?

I am thinking about putting them in my deadlift rotation, as I am currently cycling the variations every week. Conventional, sumo, stiff leg, then maybe the Jefferson or deficit?

Thanks guys.


theres a T Nation article for almost everything


[quote]Candusick wrote:

theres a T Nation article for almost everything[/quote]

Yeah, I saw that article. I guess I was more interested in hearing from someone who uses them. I am trying to figure out if they are worth it before I give too much time to them. But thanks for the reply.


I wouldn’t waste my time, I’d stick with the variations you are already doing thats probably enough.


[quote]cparker wrote:
I wouldn’t waste my time, I’d stick with the variations you are already doing thats probably enough.[/quote]

Are you saying this off of your experience? If so, I am interested in hearing more as to why…


I used them for a bit, a long long time ago. They were really much more like a squat than a deadlift, since the torso’s near vertical leaving the legs as the prime mover.

Training while your torso is twisted may or may not have value depending on your goals. At that point in time, I was interested in being strong from a bunch of different angles, so I was also doing stuff like Steinborn squats (didn’t have a squat rack yet) and one armed presses. In the context of powerlifting, I doubt there’s much benefit; if you were training for some variant of wrestling/bjj/judo, it’s probably useful. Even so, regular squats and deadlifts + heavy sandbag work might make more sense.

If your goal is to get better at powerlifting, I probably wouldn’t spend any time on them. If your goal is just to get stronger, they might be worth including in your rotation for a bit to see how they agree with you.


No experience with them personally, basically going to echo what previous poster said. But when picking accessories pick the movement that most mimics the competition lift, therefore stiff leg and so on is a more immediate choice.