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Jeff Sommers & his supplements

I debated and debated about wether to put this question here or on the nutrition board, but here it is. Does anyone know anything about Jeff Sommers, and his supplement company? They keep sending me this Anabolic newsletter, and he sounds like he has a small following similar to Bio test. Anyone try his stuff or know anything about him? I like Biotest supplements right now, and am hesitant to try other stuff.

Pure scum. Sommers isn’t even his real name and I read that the pic of him in the newsletters isn’t even him. I think TC or Chris Shugart once wrote that they almost had to sue that newsletter because they were reprinting T-mag articles under other names. Read the “Wolves in Sheep Clothing” article too at T-mag. That article nails these and other clowns in the supplement industry. And “Sommer’s” steroid advice is a joke. He’s a laughing stock.

First of all I would say Biotest has a pretty big following. Quite an elite group. Second, I too have recieved a couple of his newsletters in the mail and thought they were total bullshit. Naming supps close to roid names and such. They looked kind of like Kid Rock trailer newsletters. I honestly have never tried any of the products. I know Biotest is legit and what is on the label is in the damn bottle or jug. I honestly think that no one comes close to the professionalism of Biotest. It’s that simple to me, but to each his own.

Ditto. Heard nothing but bad about this guy - Steals other peoples work and calls it his own.

We’ve discussed him on the roid board before. This guy is a real son of a bitch. Basicly he targets people who are afraid to try ral steroids or little teenagers. If you read the paper t-mag that just came out they make fun of a fake company thats putting out a new supplement, I swear they could have been talking about this guy. “Specially formulated with a propriatary blend of ingrediants formulated to do whatever you think there supposed to do”,“although when we had them tested we just found a propriatary blend of kool-aid and salt.” That’s Jeff Sommers

I thought so, Thanks for the responses, I was kinda laughinf at his rag he puts out, he had an “Interview” in it that was completly staged questions and answers.

The only thing I enjoy from his magazine is the comic strip “Tex”. Other than that I regard it as bullshit to read while eating.