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Jeff Rodriguez - Inspiring Natty


very aesthetic physique IMO, holds on to mass and real gets dialed in for contests. I found out about him today and think he's a pretty inspiring natty


Yes, he is my current inspiration for eating more protein than I normally do. His pics from 10 weeks out look great - almost contest ready. The only thing I can't believe is the amount of weight he loses for his contest being that he is so lean all year round. He competed at the TU last year at 174 lbs. But then again, he is a natty so I guess it is to be expected (weight loss).


He's got a constant thread on one of the other boards, very inspiring. Obviously the guy's got great genetics (tiny waist), but he really knows his stuff, and definitely busts his ass training and diet wise.



But as mentioned - they are pro genetics for sure..

Nothing short of a pure genetic freak in the sport, shit, even Dexter didnt look like that as a young natty BB man..

Is he LIFETIME drug free or 'natural'?


I read his posts on rx-muscle forum and he says he is LIFETIME drug free.


The dude is pretty strong also. From the nattys I've seen, the most impressive seemed to be focused on simple progression of increased weights/reps.


I agree that he's got a great physique, I found some photos of him a few weeks back when I was reading up on natty bb'ing. It's just a shame that he loses so much muscle when he diets down, as I think he looks better outside of competitions.


Yeah, he competes yearly, maybe he should take a few years off and bring some insane mass to the table. He still comes in pretty massive IMO. Maybe its the way he presents himself, because rodriguez and some of the other top natties seem to come into competition pretty light.


Actually, I take back what I said before. It may have just been the photo I saw of him before but when I looked on google, I could see that you're right- he look pretty big in his competition photos. Nowhere near as small as I thought! :smiley:


I posted these pics before but here is Jeff at 10 weeks out from this year's Team Universe.


Jeff pic 2


Jeff pic 3


Hes got crazy upper and middle trap detail, Not even any Pro Tan!


look at those shoulders in the last pic, holy shit you could lose yourself in those cuts.


Loses so much?

He is fucking enormous, tiny minute waist and dry as a fuckin bone man!

That is a beautiful specimen of bodybuilding IMO.

(I may be a little pessimistic personally, but i do think that he is a user of PED such as all the peptides and possibly some short/no ester AAS - sorry!)



I often feel that he over diets for his contests. Hes 10 weeks out in those pics at about 195-200lbs. He comes into the contest at 174lbs.


Ya that conditioning is awesome, shit there are pros that don't get that good for contest day, you can't help but think he is losing more than he needs to by holding that condition for so long.


Why do you think that? [serious Q] like what is it about his physique that is telling of AAS use?


How long do you have to be off cycle to test negative?

This is not meant to be an attack on him in anyway, just a genuine question for anyone knowledgable here. I repeat I am not saying I do not believe him to be natural, but I know very little about AAS/steroids in general and am curious.


really surprising to see how impressive he is after looking at one of his vids on MD. Honestly, I don't think i'd think twice about the guy if I walked past him in the gym, but these pics are ridiculous.