Jeff Rage is going to Germany?

Adding my vote…many pictures.

Something’s making me think that the combination of Oktoberfest and taking pictures will result in some blurry pictures.

Oktoberfest is great. Just be sure to take the U-bahn rather than trying to drive. I think the stops are Goetheplatz and Poccistrasse on the U3 and U6, and Theresienwiese and Schwanthalerhohe on the U5 and U4, but you should probably check that.

If you’re in Bavaria for a few days and have a car, Linderhof and Neuschwanstein castles are worth the trip to the south of Munich. Linderhof is more of a palace, and Neuschwanstein is the fairy tale castle on which the Disney castles were based.

Two more things about Oktoberfest - be sure to eat in addition to drinking, and if you are going to ride any rides, do so before you drink very much. Some people learn this lesson the hard way.

Have fun

I’ve been practicing my German phrases:

Yager Myster
Due Hast Meish
Gunter Glebin Glouchin Globin

Sommeone told me I should dress like Neo from the Matrix?

Antiliberal, I wasn’t expecting to be on a boat with a bunch of topless women. Are there lakes in Germany? My friend whom I’m visiting did mention that girls often go topless in the park by his house.

Drink beer. It’s good.

Your German sucks. It’s “Du hast mich”. If ya need some useful phrases, let me know…hehe

Hook up with German women! This is your chance!

Jeff will be a limp, dessicated husk once those German chicks get a hold of him.

According to, the “age” for females in Germany is 16.


Sounds like Jeff is good to go. He looks 16 anyway, so he’ll be able to tag all that young German poontang. I just hope he finds some women who shave. I know those German women are notorious for arm, leg and major coochie hair!

I remember Rick Steves. . .we used to watch his videos in German class in high school. He was a big advocate of the money belt. And he was one of those funny ostensibly heterosexual men with a wife and kids even though he’s very effeminate.

ze beer tent

hi jeff,
i?d recommend the SCHOTTENHAMEL beer tent. the prettiest girls are there.
use the subway. hooking up with girls is easy, but if you get as pushy as the italians get, you?re up for a smack with a masskrug (1L beerstein).
this weekend will be the second wiesn (thats how we call it) weekend, so be there early, the tents will close early.
take it easy with the beer, the stuff is delicious, but it?s 1.5 times stronger than a regular american beer.(which tastes like dog piss in my opinion)
oh and watch out. if the waiter/waitress wants to get rid of you, they?ll give you alcohol free beer, which is disgusting, to make you leave. if there?s more you need to know PM me.
have fun.

Jared NFS, thanks for looking up the age of consent for me. Now Nate’s gonna want to go!

So, what are you guys going to do w/o my priceless posts for a week?

I’m going! I’m going!!! hehe, can’t wait.

Herr BMF

I’m outta here!

Yes, there will be pics.

Jeff, now that you are gone we are gonna fight over seminole chick…

I’ve been in Germany a bunch of times. Now I’m not that impressed about how “European” it is, but it’s a pretty cool country nonetheless. I’ve never been to Munich, but my dad was at the Oktoberfest once, and highly recommends it. I plan to go at one point, but all the money I can save up this year is going towards a ski trip.
Anyway, Germany is cool, enjoy.



Kannst du Deutsch?

Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutch.

Enough to get me around down there anyway.