Jeff Rage is going to Germany?

Yup, that’s right! I leave on Friday. Among other things, I’ll be going to Octoberfest in Munich.

Has anyone else been there before? Any suggestions on places to go?

Dude, lots of OLD architecture to view. Castles, Berlin Wall ruins, concentration camp sites… Gotta take a drive on the autobahn.

Never been there myself, but my sister did an exchange there a long time ago, before the unification and the fall of the wall.

Oh yeah… good beer and lots of it

Also old stuff, castles, buildings…

Hey dont they also have some sort of annual “nude” festival during that time of year?

Jeffey: there’s a dude by the name of Rick Steves. He’s rather ahem effeminate; however he hosts a awesome show called, “Europe Through The Back Door”. AND get this he has a equally awesome website.

He provides excellent tips on traveling through Europe and bypassing such things as “tourists traps”. I recommend you find his site and take heed of some excellent traveling advice.

An effeminate guy with a show called “Europe Through The Back Door.” This is scaring me for some reason. :D)

Yeah, I know. I was laughing as I typed all that.

BUT, don’t let it scare you. This guy has got some great advice. I actually try to catch his show when I can (it’s on PBS).

He’s also written books on traveling through various parts of Europe.

I hate you Jeff.

One day I will get to Oktoberfest. I already told you the mandatory sites to see. See those and you will be a happy man.


I back Rick Steeves as well, as shitty as the title of his book is, I have traveled to pretty much every country in western europe that he is written about, and his advice about places and off beat sites are right on. Oh yeah…first rule of European travel…Backpack only.

oh yeah, the Eyewitness books are pretty good to take a peak at (dont buy just check them out in the bookstore) they have money pictures of everything, so you can see what catches your eye, alot of times this is more useful than simply going by a name and a 20 year description of a tourist site that is written in most travel guides.

Pat did you know that you know some really odd stuff? :wink:

Jeff: You better not be working in Germany!!!

Arcane: I’m a pretty odd gal. :slight_smile:

Ha! Well that I knew! :wink:

Patricia, it sounded like a show dedicated to fidning all of the ahem effeminate hot spots in Europe. :D)

ArcaneCocaine, whatdoyoumean by [quote]“You better not be working in Germany!!!”[/quote]???

Jeffey, just go here:


How long are you going to be there?

I mean it better be a pleasure trip. :wink:

Thanks, Patricia! I’ll check that out tomarrow.

Ike, leave on Friday get there Saturday. Leave the following Sunday, back Monday.

ArcaneCocaine, pleasure? What’s that?? Yeah, it’s not for work. I can’t remember the last time I had a vacation. I haven’t taken off more than one day at a time in the last two years!

Oktoberfest? Did I spell something wrong?

Better bring back pics jeff, lots of pics…

Preferably in a setup much like magnus’ travel pics were, you know the ones with him and karma and the nice christian gals on the boat…

I suggest you visit the black forest and see the flying squirrels.

I’m dead serious.

What types of things interest you? I’ll second the backpack notion. You will really wish you had more time, Jeff. With such a short time, stick with a couple major cities and enjoy them… also, if you want to travel, go by night train and get a cabin. Not so expensive for the convenience of sleeping comfortably while you move. Don’t be put off by what seems like a bad attitude to most Americans… most Europeans are not as outwardly friendly as Americans are. Especially in restaurants. Just have a good time and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Next time come to Vienna and I’ll hook you up.