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Jeff Monson Weight Training


i am looking for a weight lifting routine like jeff monsons


check out intocombat. JC Santana trained him and I believe did a dvd with him. also his book on combat is very good. One of the better combat fitness books I have read. It does do some different things outside the norm but a very good book.

The modern gladiator book is the one you want. I just looked and he has two books get the modern gladiator if you do end up buying a book.


Pretty much this. Monson does seem to have done a lot of work with JC Santana and they've been pretty open about putting it out there (for sale, of course. Ha).

You might also want to check Nick Tumminello's articles on the site here. He studied under JC Santana and uses some of the same principles.

Like any other pro athlete, though, you're not really going to find detailed workouts that Monson did or does all year long.

Any reason you're looking for his kind of training?


thanks guys i was actually looking for his weight training [free weights] cause i am the same height frame he is not to big but not to small . just looking for his or a new routine thanks i will check those out


Sorry but following someone else's workout routine in the hopes that you will look just like them doesn't work.

Jeff Monson looks like jeff monson because of his genetics, not because of a particular routine. Even if you copied his every routine and diet down to a T, you would grow in a different way.


i understand how it works .... aussie dave .... just looking for a new routine. and his is probably a good one


okay my bad

I just don't see why you would go to the trouble of trying to track down one routine he may have done at some point in his life


Why is his probably a good one and a good one for what?


humble......WEIGHTLIFTING=getting stronger/bigger/harder/denser/fuller muscles


i think most people here understand that but following a pros program isnt always the best idea. Most times its a bad idea as you are not them. Especially Jeff Monson who is a genetic freak.

If you are training for MMA then I still think the book would be good for you as it is full of some good knowledge.

If you are just lifting for looks and general fitness an MMA program might not be what you are looking for.


Lol.... ohhhh, is that what it does. Fuck me.... glad someone highlighted that for me.
Pity he fights like ass and those muscles didn't help him. Being that you're in the combat section I would assume you thought his 'look' made him a better fighter.

I'd put someone like Mousasi, lighter than him and no where near as physically impressive to slap him on his ass.

Whatever his program is, it wont work for you unless you share the same genes and physiology.


Happy Easter,

Jeff Monson is likely out of his prime, but he has had an outstanding grappling career and a better MMA career than most. I would not say he "fights like ass", though his stand up is not at all impressive and he seems to have less power in his strikes than Sean Sherk. Still, he is a first rate grappler, and for as bad as his power is(and really how the fuck can you hit that light while being that big?) he has beaten Kharitonov twice and survived against Lidell, Rizzo, Fedor, and others.

Other than that, I am with you on the letting function drive form thing. For every Monson, Overeem, Le Banner type who looks better than most self identified "body builders" there is an Hoost, Aerts, Hunt, Fedor type who does just as well. Of course then we have Sapp going 2-0 vs Hoost as a counter point to even trying technique wise.

I would also note for the OP that Monson has probably followed a lot of different programs and has been open about using anabolic steroids in the past so depending on where you are vs where he is/was at his routines may not be all that helpful.


Robert A


How did I not know Monson vs Fedor happened?
I'm a huge fan of both and would love to watch that fight.
Also, I'd like to see how monson trains as well.
I'll be checking in on this thread.


Saw this a few years ago. He talks about having a push/pull/legs split and demos one arm snatches in this vid.

Regarding Jeff Monson's success as a fighter, He's 5'9" and 235 lbs. I'd say that's really short and stocky for a light heavy/heavyweight. Stylistically I think he's at a huge disadvantage compared to the big and tall heavyweights (see Tim Sylvia).

Speaking of which, I found this on youtube.