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Jeff Lewis' 1201lbs Squat




Man.. that's crazy. It's hilarious
how short his ROM is on bench press though.


I am willing to bet my right testicle that his deadlift really sucks though.


What weight do you consider to "suck" for deadlifting and how much more than that can you do?

I'm willing to bet BOTH of your testicles that his deadlift is pretty damn great.


I meant suck relative to his bench and squat. He's not built to deadlift


The video said that he has Deadlifted 694lbs. not too shabby...


FYI, his deadlift is 694 pounds.

I bet your left nut is starting to ache right now...

Edit: D-Rock beat me too it.


They state his deadlift numbers in the news clip. Keep in mind that many men who are as heavy, or might I say, fatas he is, do not have impressive deadlifts. It is pretty hard for the fat guys to set up good at the bottom of a deadlift.


The reporter says in the story that his deadlift is 694. Way lower than 1201, of course, but enough to get you thrown out of Bally's.


Anyone know brent mikesell's max before he retired????


I noticed that.

Over all the squat looked easy for him. A very incredible squat I might add!

Why would anyone bother him in a Restaurant, or any where else for that matter?


Well, you can't have it all.

Why is it necessary to bash him as a fatty. Big he may be, but you'll never hear the story of the 195# that squats 1201.


i dont know if he was fat bashing or not it could be interpreted either way

generally though getting fatter helps the the squat and bench but doesnt help or may even negatively affect the dead...

I assumed that was what the person was talking about...

to the other people... 694 is a huge deadlift no doubt... but its not even in the same class as a 1200 squat... so it is a relative weakness compared to his own lifts and other elite SHW powerlifters... but not an absolute weakness as it is still damn strong


With all that cheater gear on, no wonder he can squat 1200.


Why don't you buy some gear and good ole' steroids and squat a grand then?




I believe his best squat was 1141 lbs, there's a video of it at irongame.com.

What a great lift.



In my experience, when someone blames the gear they are usually just making excuses because they need some sort of reason to explain why they lift like a 12 year old girl.


I have but it's not working yet.


The 12 year old girls might be stronger but I'm way more fatter.


Man that was sick. Very inspirational for some like myself who is new to the sport of powerlifting.