Jeff Everson & Planet Muscle

I’m curious as to what everyone thinks about Jeff Everson and his Magazine/TV Show “Planet Muscle”. I inadvertantly picked up a copy at the Arnold Expo, and also noticed that my boss at my gym had a couple of old rags laying in the mag rack. To me, it seems like every other page has some 15 yr old picture of him training, or a pic of him and ex-wife Cory posing in the mid eighties. His mag seems like a big advertisement for several supplement companies, as well as his “glorious” career as a natural bodybuilder and being the “former” Mr. Cory Everson. I will give him credit though, he did seem to have some positives to print about T-Mag. Any thoughts on this??

This mag. seems to be one of the better ones out there. Although It doesn’t hold a candle to T-mag. Some of the old time strongman/olympic lifting articles are very good. I do have several beefs with this mag. though. For one, if Met-Rx doesn’t make a certain product then there is no way it works in his opinion. Recently he lumped all of the andros, yohimbe, and several other products into the junk pile of supps.Obviously he never tried Androsol,MAG-10, or MD-6. He is such a whore to Met-Rx/Worldwide its not even funny.Bottom line good info, whores out product recommendations to companies he’s in bed with.

Agree with SP. The PREMISE is good…free Mag (for now)= Unbiased. The REALITY tends to be a little different. There does appear to be a HEAVY slant toward not only Met-Rx but also Beverly International.

A question for you guys; does the Cory thing (both the pics and comments Jeff often writes) border maybe just a little…on the obsessive side? Granted…he may own the rights to a lot of Cory pics, and certainly probably has a lot of personal ones, but she does figure prominently in the mag.

Mufasa: No longer is Planet Muscle free. They are now selling it at the bookstand and at GNC. His ass kissing/obesesion of Cory is a little overboard. That seems strange. Why the hell does he keep bringing her up in articles, stop living in the past. I just cant get over how bad the hairdoos were in the 70’s! Plus dont say that she never did any performance enhancing stuff, thats a bunch of crap if you ask me.

Did you say pictures of 15 year old cory everson nude? where do I sign up?

That’s what I was getting at. It seems like Jeff may be in bed with Scott Connoly. And I see that you guys also have observed the Cory factor. I agree, it seems the guy is holding on a little too much to his past with Cory. I also agree that in studying these past pix of Cory that some sort of performance enhancing pharmaceutical was being utilized.

I personally think that the magazine presents some good nutritional info by some respected authorities ( although usually biased towards a certain product) and the articles about the power/olympic lifters are interesting as well. However, I think that Jeff Everson as an editor and fitness “expert” is immature and idiotic. The training routines he presents seem to be taken out of Arnold’s Encyclopedia and are as cutting edge as mega mass 2000. But I guess they might be alright for a beginner. I definitely wouldn’t pay the mag.

I agree - this magazine re-recycles stuff over and over and over and over and over. What’s with that? Get a life and move on!