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Jeff Everson Dead


The recent deaths of this guy and zane watson’s former bodybuilder father show that you can’t run away from the long term effects of competitive bodybuilding life style.

Really ? He was 68


Thanks for posting Stu

I know plenty of people who have dropped dead at much younger ages who have never took drugs or even lifted a weight.


I remember him/them from all of the old BB mags.

It never occurs to me that people will change from the point at which you last saw or remember them from.

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Can we please just not do this?


thanks Yogi. What bullshit.

My uncle passed away at 65. He was an avid golfer. I don’t remember anyone saying ‘well, you just can’t run away from the long term effects of being a scratch golfer’.

Because people aren’t assholes about golfers. Just bodybuilders.


yeah, sure.

most of them suffer from same diseases and have premature deaths in their 40s and early 50s but its all genetics.

tom prince, mike francois, flex wheeler, scott klein, luke wood, marius dohne were all going to have kidney failure even if they never went to a gym.

mike matarazzo, art atwood, matt duvall, ed van amsterdam, greg kovacs, frank hillebrand, nasser el sonbaty, don youngblood, ed kawak, dallas mccarver, rich piana were all going to die from a heart attack even if they never touched a weight.

yeah, i know this story.

if you are a long term golfer you cant escape from elbow damage. if he passes away early, its not about the sport he picked.

stop trying to justify your choices. everybody knows this is %100 true, including you.

I don’t think anyone is denying the facts. But it’s not something that needs talked about any more than it already has been.
And it seems strength athletes and bodybuilder are fair game for criticism. While others are not.
Take rugby . A sport I truly love. My childhood hero’s are now suffering from early onset dementia because of their life style choices and playing through concussion after concussion. Wanna take a verbal swing at them? No. All they get is an out pouring of love and sympathy.
Yes - things he done probably didn’t help his health.
Does it matter?
Is it your business?
Do you need to bring it up?


This guy was 68. Whatever agenda you’re pushing just doesn’t apply here, I don’t see why you’re being so dense. The life expectancy of an American male, today, is 76 years old. This death falls well within statistical expectations for an average male with average health.

Yes, many, many athletes, including several of the ones you named, died early because of drug abuse, specifically steroids, growth, insulin, diuretics, etc. (I don’t know what all they took). I have never, EVER said that steroids cannot lead to a premature death. I don’t know why you thin that’s my position.

I take risks by doing what I do. I acknowledge that. So can we move the fuck away from your stupid strawman argument where you pretend that I don’t freely acknowledge the dangers of steroid abuse?

What I have a problem with here is your assertion that THIS MAN is dead because of his steroid use. That’s irresponsible on your part. Take all the shots you want at McCarver. This is not the same thing, and lumping everyone together is just mindless.


Exactly, everyone already knows so let’s not turn a thread which was supposed to be a positive tribute to the life of a great bodybuilder into yet another tedious discussion about the dangers of the lifestyle which we’ve already had a billion times.

Get down off your pedestal and shut the fuck up.


Yeah. He was far, far away from the beef cattle look that a lot of people now think of as body building.

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Without jumping on the gear-as-culprit argument, I just want to say that I always liked Everson’s writing, and his time in the game certainly gave him an interesting, and usually well informed outlook on things.




If you don´t know the facts you should not make those statements, just that.

Anyway, I just want to say that I was an avid reader of Muscle and Fittness during the 80´s, when Cory was Miss Olympia and before and Jeff, her husband, used to write many articles in the magazine and make fun of himself, at least writting he was a fun guy and very possitive. I´m sorry for his death, and, as everytime I hear about a “close” person (could be Sinatra) passing I have this weird sensation of the inexcrusiable pass of time. “The granades explote everyday closer”

From those days:


K firstly, don’t you think it’s slightly disrespectful and/ innapropriate to start talking shit about bodybuilding in a post meant as a tribute to a former bodybuilder?

Whether you die early or not has more to do with than just gear in the picture. Genetics play a role (I mean if you"ve got genetic HCM before AAS use you’re gonna die pretty young if you cycle), but so does lifestyle, stress, level of drug use, care taken to amoreliates issues and more.

McCarver had bad genes on his side (history of familial heart disease of unspecified type and hypertension) + he was EXTREMELY reckless with his PED usage.

There’s one bodybuilder, Pete Gyrmkowski or something who supposedly (back in the day) used up to several thousand MG’s of AAS per DAY!!! He’s still alive I believe, but has had multiple heart attacks.

Either way 68 isn’t particularly young, AAS might’ve played a role, but in reality… Who cares. The bodybuilding lifestyle (natural or not) isn’t particularly healthy (although AAS use is arguably worse), the extremely high caloric diets high in cholesterol, the crash dieting (cutting, water cuts) etc. It all takes a toll on overall health.

As long as you’re happy :slight_smile: that’s what matters (and can still live a full life, Dallas was too young), what’s the point of living til 100 of youre miserable all the time.

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Just goes to show you can’t escape the bodybuilding lifestyle, even years after you stop. It will catch up with you eventually.

Did you miss every single post before yours??



  1. Ric Drasin remembering Jeff:
  1. Some videos about him:


You shut the fuck up and stop pretending like you run this place.

You post in every damn thread and reply to everyone like a total asshole.

You talk so much shit about everything in this bodybuilding forum but dont have the courage or self confidence to post a single picture of yourself for years.