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Jeep Thread


I just bought a Jeep Wrangler Sport and think it's awesome. I was wondering if there are any other Jeep people here? It would be cool to have a thread talking about mods, links, etc., people have had success with. If this has already been done, I couldn't find it, and would appreciate being pointed in the correct direction.

A couple of questions I have is: does anyone know of a website that has directions for modding your Jeep (sorta like T-Nation but for Jeeps) - as I'm gonna have to replace my U-joints and my serpantine belt and need detail instructions? Now obviously I didn't buy a Wrangler for the fuel economy but does anyone know of any tricks to get extra MPG (I have an AEM Brute intake and throttle body). I've looked at the Tornado air-intake insert but not certain whether I want to risk $70 for one and have the thing be all hype.


this site is really good and if they don't have the info you want there are a lot of knowledgeable people on there.



No matter what kind of car you buy, the first thing you should do is go to the local autobody store and buy the repair manual for your model.

If you plan to do any off-roading be sure to replace the stock tie rod as soon as possible. Rusty's Outfitters is a great place to find parts/mods.


Check out dirt road magazine

This site will address just about any question you can dream up.


Meet the real Rockscar.

I run with Jeeps, Land Cruisers, Zukis and Broncos... but I like 4Runners. I'll be on the Rubicon or Barret trail this weekend.


Welcome to the club. I'm on my 3rd. I started with an old Cherokee, moved on to a Wrangler Sport and upgraded a couple years ago to a Rubicon. I haven't done too much to it, but I'm saving up for my next round of mods. So far I've added a 2-inch lift, BFGoodrich 33in MTRs, Wet Okole seat covers (so I can leave the top down all the time and not worry about rusting out my seat frames), and a few tweaks here and there.

If you find a way to improve gas mileage, let me know, because these prices make me feel like I'm getting 3 miles to the gallon.

The instructions are pretty much non-existent, but quatratec.com has some pretty good products for sale if you're a do it yourself type.

Enjoy the new ride!


Yea, go down to the dealership, and get a factory service manual, they might run up to $70 but they will tell you everthing you ever wanted to know and how to fix anything about your jeep. Or, for simple stuff you could get a Haynes repair manual for $10 to $20.

Mabey pick up a copy of JP Mag, or look through it at a store.

In regards to the air insert, I doubt it will increase milage, but it might (I did a bit more research, and found this: http://www.dirtroadmagazine.com/tornado.htm ).

If you want to increase milage, there are a couple things you can do. You already did the intake, so do exhaust to let more air out as well (but the newer jeeps already have a fairly well flowing exhaust, so I hear). This chart http://www.hescosc.com/catalog/stages/stages.html might help in what decision to make next.
Keep in mind that most things that increase power will also increase fuel mileage (except superchargers and turbochargers), especially if you don't accelerate as hard as you use to.

Is it a YJ or a TJ (TJ's have round headlights) and 6 cyl 4.0L or 4 cyl 2.4/2.5?

I've got a 1990 YJ 6 cyl 4.2L (its carburated so it gets 13 MPG) that I lifted 4" a month and a bit ago. I've still gotta take a pic after the lift.

PS, a more aerodynamic top can also help increase mileage, ie if you have a sagging soft top, replace it.


Modifications for Rockscar
Current modifications:

-Trailmaster suspension lift
-4:88 Ring and Pinion front and rear.
-Detroit Locker Rear
-K&N air filter
-Rockstomper 11 gauge IFS front skid plate
-Rockstomper IFS high travel kit
-Warn M6000 winch
-Marlin Crawler 4:70:1 Transfer Case
-BF Goodrich 33x12.5 Mud Terrains KM
-Smittybuilt or affectionately known as Shitty- built tubular rocker bars all around.
-Roll cage
-Power Tank


-6" rear shackles to offset flat stock leaf springs
-Cut lower outside off rear end Smittybuilt
-Trimmed front wheel wells for travel (Grinder and Hammer)

Rockcrawling is expensive.


My Buddy Kris' rig 'Rocklimo' definately gets it. This is him on the Barrett. He has D 44's, OMe LIFT, front air locker and custom rocker guards all around. 89 Cherokee Sport 2 door.


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01 grand cherokee, best truck ever


I've got an '05 Rubicon. There are about a million Jeep sites....some better then others......just do searches for Jeep, jeeps, jeeping, off-roading, wheeling, jeep jamboree, jeep mods, etc. I've got no less than 50 bookmarks. Most of the forums are pretty good as far as info goes. Yahoo has a bunch of jeep groups too.


Rockscar, If I didn't get a Jeep, I probibly would have gotten a Toy (or 'Yotta, whatever you preferr). Despite the fact that most of my buddies own Chevys and a couple Fords. But now that there are pickup (ie a cab and box) conversions for Jeeps, and DC is seriously considering producing the Gladiatior ( http://www.jeep.com/autoshow/concept_cars/gladiator/ ), I can laugh at your IFS. (just kidding)


Most people don't when they see it operating, but yes, I do have "Axle-Envy".


Mine is a 2000 TJ Sport, hardtop, full steel doors, 5spd, other than the AEM intake I have a 3.5in Rubicon Express super flex lift plus RE 2in coil spacers (5.5in lift total), running 33x10.5 BFG MTs (too skinny for my taste but they have less than 2,000 miles on them, once they wear out I'll get 35x12.5), and a flowmaster exhaust (it's one of the real early ones). I also have some offroad lights and other minor stuff. I'm trying to borrow a good digital camera so I can post some pics. I think I'm gonna try out that Tornado insert, disappointing that I have to remove the throttle spacer (according to the review linked above). It'll be a little while before I get it but I'll let you all know how it works.

Funny thing I learned is that a 5.7 liter hemi gets better MPG (in a Jeep) than the 4.0...someday.


Yet only makes about 10 more hp.

Runs and hides behind a GM product

Ok, I had to drop at least one turd on a Jeep thread, I'll stay out now.


Here's a sweet website I find, looks to have a good amount of "how to" articles.



I have a 93' Yj .

3.5 inch lift
8.8 rear axle
locked front and rear
full roll cage .

Check out www.la4x4forum.ipbhost.com
is a very active forum with mucho jeep owners and were nice people .

Also If you are planing on moving up to a 35 inch tire and are running a dana 35 rear axle you might want to consider swaping in something with a little more beef .


With 33s, the single best thing you can do to get more torque is upgrade the axle gearing, to 4.11s or 4.53 (I think those are the 2 common sizes), if you haven't already.

If you're doing that, you might need a new rear carrier for the back to accomidate the jump over 3.55. Because 33" tires are the point where the (shitty) Dana 35 gets weak.
So it might be worth it to just get a Ford 8.8 (or even better a Ford 9") or a Dana 44 if you can find it. Junk yard parts are always better and cheaper if you can find someone do do proper welding insted of a shop.

Alternitavely you might just want to get a Super 35 kit, which comes with stronger axleshafts, and a rear locker (ARB manual or Detroit automatic, both strong) which might be cheaper, but will be easier to install, and you'll get a locker out of it. This is what I'm probibly going to do when I get 33s.
Yea, I've got a 4" lift and I'm on 30s. (In my defense, it gets a bit more articulation, but I'd rather have 33s.)

MORE makes a conversion kit for the TJ to put in a Hemi, but the inline 6 is a nice engine, lots of low rpm torque.

Alright, but the Hemi is lighter and has more output (torque and power) than the small block AND has better milage. (but is way more expensive) Lots of people put a 350 or 5.0L in jeeps tho.


My TJ has a Dana 44 rear and a Dana 35 front. I think my gears are currently 4:10 (whatever is stock) but I want to move to 4:56. Just so hard to get the money for the install let alone the parts themselves.