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Jeep Grand Cherokee Owners


what year you got, or have had?

thoughts? seem to have reliability issues with the trans, heat, and rotors mainly.

Looking to get one. Just looking for some more feedback.


i had a cherokee not a grand cherokee but it was by far my favorite car, granted ive only had 3 but it was the winner. i had major problems with the air not the heat, it never worked, ever. it was a 1999. it had some other work done on it over the years but i think that may have just been due to normal stuff? i totaled it back in november and now drive a nissan xterra, i miss my jeep everyday. buy one. now.


Jeep GC and Cherokee are very different cars. There is no comparison.

Heard from anyone and everyone the GC has transmission issues. Know one guy that has front brake wear issues (I forget what exactly). Dealership tried multiple times to fix and eventually just paid him.

Everyone seems to like their Cherokee, despite the crap fuel economy.


I've regularly used two 2000 Grand Cherokees (company fleet vehicles). One had frequent electrical issues (windshield wipers randomly swinging). The other had overheating issues in summer traffic. We ended up selling them both. Could have been the year or maybe we scored 2 lemons.


thanks, yeah my cousin in-law has a 2001, said it has been great. Got it with 11k miles and 5 yrs later had to get a new trans.

Seems to be mainly the 01-02's with this issue.

Lookin at a few, but with the above issues, looks like the 04 is leading the pack.


Ive got a 2001 JGC limited Ive had it for about 4 and a half years. I love my jeep and had No serious problems with it until a few months ago. Damn front differential is fucked and now need a new front end. No trans problems no electrical problems. I'll probably be trading my in for a 2006 with the hemi engine sometime soon. How much are you willing to spend on one?


Ive got a '95 GC Orvis edition. The tranny is just now starting to slip with about 111,000 miles on it. I bought it from a mechanic who took pretty good care of it. Other than some minor AC issues, and the fact that it's a gas guzzeler (4 wheel drive ALL THE TIME) I haven't had any serious problems with it.


A close friend of mine has had 3 GCs since 1998. Two of the 3 have had serious issues (front differential, transmission), even at low miles. Luckily they were under warranty, but still...

It seems like most people that I know that have them have had some sort of mechanical issue at one point or another.

I would not even think about buying one for that alone, not to mention gas prices.


I had a hand me down '97 Grand Cherokee limited(purple) 6 cylander. The jeep was given to me in '06 I had it until '09 almost 170k on it before the tranny dumped, I tried to have the tranny replaced twice sadly the clown who did was work was incompitant and long story short I bought an '08 civic ex coupe. I would get a wrangler if I was going to buy a new jeep.


about $9k max.

found an '04 with 90k miles for $7k black with leather. Probably gonna check it out this weekend.


Wrangler's a good call.


2002 Grand Cherokee Laredo
the window regulator thing broke 3 or 4 times, when it first happened i googled it to discover its common and owners bitching on forums that it should have been recalled.
last month the clutch fan (fan that cools the motor) went, $500 cuz the mechanic got the fan from JEEP.
I could have saved $200 buying it online.
otherwise no problem, got like 103,000 miles on it



My parents had a Grand Cherokee. Chrysler is notorious for having shoddy electrical in their vehicles as well as buying transmissions that don't have a good cooling system. Unsurprisingly, the electrical system was all messed up (screen on dash always said the tail lights were out, windows would sometimes work, stereo would sometimes work, headlights would sometimes flicker) and the tranny jerked into every gear and sometimes would go nowhere. Had to drive around in 2nd all the time in an auto. Eventually the 4 wheel drive stopped working and only the front wheels drove. It had a 318, so the engine was quite powerful and before the tranny took a turn for the worse, it was quite peppy. Also, tire wear was very uneven regardless of alignment. Personally, I would never buy an old one. I might go for the 2011 and newer since Fiat has their hands in Chrysler, now. Things seems to be a lot better for the company now as far as quality goes. Just my two cents.


Oh, great. Fiat has their hands in Chrysler. You know what Fiat stands for, right? Fix It Again, Tony! :stuck_out_tongue:


jeeps suck


4Runners have some really good reviews, though not as stylish as the GC's