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Jeans for Squatters


I’m surprised it took this long for anyone to mention Barbell Apparel. It certainly depends on your preference for appearance (guess they’re just not flip’s “style”) and how much you’re willing to pay, but I’ve bought four pair over the past 2-3 years, wearing one of them basically every day and all are holding up well. I second antiquity’s comment that the stretch is so good, you could do a squat workout in them; they’re the lightest, most comfortable jeans I’ve ever had by a good margin (when I bought my first pair and then wore a pair of American Eagle the next day, the AE felt so uncomfortable in comparison). Price point is high, but I’ve had the “crotch wears out with 6 months of regular wear” problem with all previous jeans since I started lifting heavy enough to have bigger legs. YMMV.


I’ve heard about Barbell Apparel a few times and will have to check them out. I’ve always had big(ger) legs (not “lifter big” but “normal big”) and as I keep on squatting it’s only going to get worse.

Well, better.

At least, I hope so.


I can’t even count how many different pairs of jeans I’ve tried in the last 5 years. I’m pretty thick through the ass the legs, and I absolutely hate sizing up in the waste. My search is bit more complicated because I have stupidly short legs. 5’9 with a 29" inseam. My search is over.

American Eagle with Ne(x)t Level Stretch = insanely comfortable and really nice looking jeans. They’re pretty cheap on sale. I went to one of their outlet stores twice and they were buy one get one half off both times.

Depart West Drifter if you like a baggier fit. Not as stretchy but really comfortable and a contemporary look.


Try Banana Republic Athletic Cut Traveler Jeans or Rapid Movement Denim. Personal favorite of mine.

General rules here:

Avoid any cut labeled “Skinny”. The advice of Straight cut jeans is actually wrong. When you have large thighs and buy straight cut, the bottom half under the knee will be too wide and create an unbalanced aesthetic that have too much room around the calf and ankle and bring more attention to your lower half. Everything you wear should draw attention towards your face, not away from it. Most likely will have waist sizing issues as well as not enough room in the seat. The newer breed of athletic cut for most brands are designed to taper at the calf/ankle and waist.

If you go with straight, have a tailor slim the bottom half and slightly tapper it, same for waist. Fit and comfort are different. Also for the love of god, stick to dark blue or my favorite, charcoal or medium grey. Avoid light blue, anything with holes or too much color contrasting. Darker the color, the more it will slim or streamline your big meaty squatting thighs.


Levi’s 541 Athletic Cut. I own 4 pairs of these