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Jeans for Squatters


Lol! Nope, just 6’4"+ and mostly legs.

The Wranglers are fairly cheap in my part of the world. They’re like $55 off the website and $30-40 in the store (if you can find your size).


Look up the brand Father Sons.

I actually got a pair of stretch skinny jeans at Target that fit great.


The only jeans I wear are Edison Atlas, formerly Relentless. That’s the brand Rich Froening used to be (maybe still is?) associated with. I’ve got 7 or 8 pairs of them. I love the way they fit. I’m not interested in wearing jeans that are way too big at the waist just to fit over my legs. That looks sloppy. I wear a size 29 in them I think (my waist is about 30", my quads are 26-27 last time I measured). And they look and fit fantastic.

Some people I know like the barbell apparel stuff because they stretch so much, but I think they’re ugly. The Edison Atlas look really nice, some good wash choices. I can’t remember how much I pay for them, thinking 70 or so per pair.


Holy shit, Took the words out of my mouth, finally found this fit about a month a go and said to myself “my quest is over” in the fitting room… More specifically the 541 athletic stretch are the best. The 569s would have to be cinched and I’d end up with a faux bulge :confused:


Not a bad idea to find a good tailor! Jeans will fit however you want them to


Another vote for Levi Athletic stretchy cut, I usually buy a pair of those and take them to the tailor, end result is a fantastic custom fit pair of jeans for pretty reasonable price.


I like Barbell Apparel jeans and pants. They are stretchy but have a clean, nice look to them. You could literally do a squat workout in them. They cost $150, but run sales for under a $100. Awesome return policy, too. Seems kinda cheesy to wear jeans called “Barbell jeans”, but the stitching and branding is discreet and the quality is high.

I also just picked up American Giant jeans, which are cut to accommodate some bulk in the legs/thighs but aren’t billed as jeans for lifter. These are made in America, and are simply awesome jeans. The cost of ~$135 is actually a bargain for the quality.


I live in SF area, so Levi’s are everywhere. While iconic, they use such cheap materials nowadays and Chinese labor that I’d rather pay more for something that will hold up and feel of higher quality.


I don’t lol.

I know it’s mostly dudes chiming in, but oh well.

I legit can’t find a middle ground at all. I’ve tried so many brands. Only pair of jeans I ever had that fit me perfectly were custom made, and the shop near where I live has long been closed down.

I either can’t get the jeans passed my legs or under my butt area, or they fit, but I have enough space in the waistline to shove a ballon in it.

I second the skinny jeans in a few sizes larger. I do the same thing, but with women’s jeans, and just stock up various belts and keep it moving.


I’m your height but I have a 35-36" inseam, so I’m pretty jealous that you can just walk into a shop and buy jeans.

I find that they usually top out at a 34" inside leg without going online.


I hear you man, freakwear online only. :wink:


If the legs of your jeans are too tight then I have the simple and cheap solution for you:



I always figured you for a blonde


Hey man, it worked for Lemmy.


Biker Jeans are stretch and nice. Just get a larger size. They also run cheap.


Would I look weird in skinny jeans? 36" inseam is a lot of legs. I think I’d look weird.


We are about the same height. As long as I don’t wear a baggy shirt or sweatshirt I don’t look like gru. Lol


I go for the looser stuff, otherwise it’s just plain uncomfortable. I had to get a proper pair of pants for a wedding a couple of months ago, that was a freaking nightmare, everything seems to be made little skinny poofy legs


But if you need a shirt with a neck bigger than 17, then you must have a 50” gut.


This reminds me of how I made a tailor curse when I got fitted for a tux for a buddy’s wedding.

NOW I get that expression “Swear like a tailor”


I love FXD stuff but shits over priced,
That said they’re the best fitting pants I’ve got period.