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Jeans for Squatters

For all of you guys that have big legs/glutes/hips, how the hell do you find jeans that fit right? What brands do you buy?

I’m having a big issue now, I’ve been wearing sweatpants basically for the last year but over the last 6 months all my old pants are just too tight or fit all weird. I don’t own anything but workout clothing pretty much now lol.

Either the middle rides too high up my crotch, too tight on the legs, or too tight on hips, etc.

I need to buy jeans mainly. I can get away with custom suits because I can’t really buy anything off the shelf without some tailoring anyway.

Was curious what you guys buy?

Levis 541s. I used to wear 569s, but they changed the cut on them.


What I’m about to mention may sound weird and isn’t perfect, but it’s the best I’ve found to date.

I buy skinny jeans that are couple sizes too big. Wranglers are closest to ideal for me. Yes they’re loose around the waist, but they fit well everywhere so I just always wear a belt to cinch it in up top. Also, when you squat, bend, hip hinge, lunge, etc they stretch so I’m not worried about ripping them.

With regular jeans, I always worry about ripping them close to the crotch and inseam and they always chafe, but this solves all that.

Plus, they show off some of that muscle you’ve built!

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My jeans fit poorly and I look like a hobbo. After I discovered that my Laissez-faire approach to my clothes is intriguing and sexually arousing for most women*, I became comfortable with it.

Getting fat is also an option.

*Indicated through research (conducted by me, data not available)


Duluth flex jeans or chino. Size up the waist and skinny jean or try your size.
Men’s wearhouse Joseph Aboud flex. I little pricey but a good dress jean.
Pretty much any jean with a little flex material will fit at the waist and have some give in the crotch, butt and thigh. They hold up well except in manual type work. The Duluth firehouse with flex have held up well so far for working pants.
Haggar makes a dress type slack with some flex. Reasonable price point.

Every 6 months, right on schedule…

I don’t mind though because jeans (and off-the-shelf slacks) have been a big issue for me over the years. I also welcome the topic because my brother works for Ariat Western Wear and as it turns out, their jeans have proven to be the best fit for me. So, I get to deal out honest and helpful information while hocking for my brother’s company.

The best Ariat jeans I’ve gotten to date are “M3 Loose Fit”. The most recent pair, I actually dared to go down a size from 33/34 to 32/34 and my legs and ass still fit.

I tried going down a size with “M2 Relaxed Boot” but that was a mistake. I feel like a gigolo wearing this pair and wish I’d gotten the usual 33/34.

I highly recommend the M3 Loose Fit for all lean lifters.


Ariat has started making the stretch jeans but I haven’t tried them yet. They’re pretty expensive and I feel a little sheepish about asking my brother to send a pair.

Definitely going to check those out.
Not ready to go full Grampa with stretch clothes.

I used to wear the Levi’s 569s but they’re too short now. They quit making 38" inseam and the 36" is too short.

I’ve found that Wrangler offers a wide selection of cuts. I’ve never seen a pair of jeans with stretchy material in person. I wear Wranglers 20x and they’re loose. I have a pair of Retro relaxed boot cut and they’re snug. Initially they looked good but the bulk of 2018 made them too tight. They’re painted on now.

Check out these: https://aesparel.com/collections/herren-outfits

As others have said, its great that a tight fit on jeans is in fashion at the moment, because a lot of jeans are being made with stretch material. Your best bet, in my experience, is to go for a jean actually marked as ‘skinny’ for the stretch fabric. Yea it will be tight across your glutes and quads, but hey, if you get it flaunt it :wink: . Also cheap skinny jeans will probably lose some of their elasticity in the tightest areas, leaving you with what is almost a custom fit pair of jeans, sculpted by your own ass.

So problem solved, right?

Some work jeans are stretchy, maybe Carhartt or FXD? Mine are from Kmart because I’m a cheap basyard when it comes to workwear.


Old Navy jeans are cut the best for me (sounds weird, I know). They have an “athletic cut” that is a decent option.

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Those Levi athletic numbers with a little stretch. I forget what they’re called

Jesus, what are you, a giraffe? I’m 6’3" and wear 33" jeans and look reasonably proportionate. You must be 7’1" :slight_smile:

I wear Marks & Spencers slim fit jeans with stretchy stuff in them. They fit nice for the larger seated/legged man, look ok and are a reasonable cost

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Short bastard here, I pretty much only wear 569s, but I wear 32 length at most. $80 for a pair of jeans is too rich for my blood.

Second the 569s - those were my go-to till they changed the cut to a low rise. Also quit wearing Levi because th crotch wears out super fast in mine, and their belt loop arrangement causes the waistband to fall under my belt (big gaps between the side loops and the single back loop).

Wrangler relaxed boot cut and relaxed straight leg have been my thing for the last few years. I went up a size for comfort when carrying (I carry IWB), so that may have helped with the comfort overall. I tried a couple pair of the old navy flex jeans, didn’t care for them - the legs weren’t cut very wide and they would constantly ride up and stay there (excess material would hang around the tops of my thighs) making them look like high waters.

Still can’t keep a pair for more than year without the crotch wearing out and splitting. Not sure why.

Glad im not the only one. They were the last pair of ‘expensive’ jeans I bought. Thought I’d try the ‘you get what you pay for’ approach with Jeans and was left bitterly disappointed. The usual hole on the left inside thigh, right by the crotch, within 2-3 months. No better than any budget jeans.

If you figure it out let me know, I get a hole in the exact same spot in every pair within a few months if I wear the jeans daily.

This is what I wear too. They have a stretch to them that makes room for your quads but look nice too. Not too baggy.

You could get some shrink-to-fit jeans. The process is pretty silly, but it seems effective.