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Jeans for Muscular Legs?

might be a stupid question, but i’d appreciate your advice…

what kind of jeans do you guys buy? i’m sick and tired of spending countless hours at the mall, blindly trying on hundreds of damn pairs of jeans and not finding any that fit.

i’m not huge by any means (5’9, 200 lbs.) but i guess jean manufacturers expect you to have chicken legs if you wear a size 30 waist.

what brands should i look for? i don’t care if they’re expensive or target brand jeans, i just need some that FIT!

thank you!

not one of these threads.

WHat do your legs tape at? I can fit into 34s with 27.5" thighs.

Yes, it’s a stupid question.

Great thread. I have the same f**king problem. Hopefully someone can chime in…

Custom designed clothes. You know from a tailor. It’s that or shop till your brain turns to mush.

I think Jim Wendler said “If something from a shop fits you, you fucked up somewhere”.

I’ve been interested in this for a long time. I’ve tried the search function countless times to no avail. Finally someone made a thread about it. Had I to wait any longer I probably would’ve done the same.

Go up a waist size or two and wear a belt. Like zephead said, a 34" waist should accommodate 27-28" thighs and whatever ass you have to along with it.

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
not one of these threads.


I get all my jeans from a place called Searchbar.

i wonder how ronnie ever wore jeans if he ever did haha

You know, I have such a huge dick, I can’t find a condom to fit it. What should I do?

[quote]ukrainian wrote:
You know, I have such a huge dick, I can’t find a condom to fit it. What should I do?[/quote]

Saran Wrap. Problem solved.

[quote]ukrainian wrote:
You know, I have such a huge dick, I can’t find a condom to fit it. What should I do?[/quote]

Gotcha covered buddy, literally.


here ya go

my biggest problem

You guys must be different in the US, maybe it’s the higher rate of obesity ? In Australia there was a massive amount of BS because one of the major chains started selling womens clothes in size 16-22 or something. Basically they were saying it was condoning people being fat, like fat people shoudln’t wear clothes??

ANYWAY … at a 32-34" waist my thighs are generally about 25" and I find most jeans too tight. My solution was simply to buy 36" jeans and get the waist taken in at a tailor.

has anyone found any brands that are somewhat “stylish” (i hate myself for saying that right now) that fit well?..besides just buying 4 inches up and wearing a belt or whatever…because bunching never looks great

sidenote-just a funfact i’ve noticed…reglar type jeans (say buffalo for instance) tend to fit tight right from the knee to the ass, but super “white” brands (like levis and random walmart type stuff)

usually fit fine in the legs if you buy a bit bigger because ppl are often overweight there, but squeeze the shit out of your ass (pun?)…because they dont expect white doods to have an ass…anyways i thought it was a funny observation, off to bed