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Jeans for Lifters

Seems like jeans are being made primarily for skinny, hipster types these days. What brands work for those who actually have ass and thigh muscles?

Aw snap. Here we go again.

Quick response: Loose-fitting jeans. DUUUUHHHHH.

Let’s just leave it at that.


Parachue pants from Venic Beach are the only pants a self-respecting bodybuilder would be seen in.

i dont wear jeans anymore.

loincloth, or nothin at all.

still tryin to get the hang of swingin from tree to tree though. timing is kinda rough.

haha OMG these new hipster jeans won’t fit my massive legs!!!

American Eagle “low-loose” style jeans work great for me. Hell it’s summertime tho, go with shorts!!!

wow, these types of threads will never die huh


I wear Osh Kosh overalls.

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Step 1. Buy slightly oversize, loose-leg jeans.
Step 2. Take them to the tailor.
Step 3. Pick up your fitted jeans and pay the tailor.
Step 4. Done!

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[quote]CaliforniaLaw wrote:
I wear Osh Kosh overalls.[/quote]

Whew…I thought that was just me.

They say, “Sir, aren’t you too big for that?” and I say, “I am going to be me and you can’t stop me from being who I am!” and then I strip naked and don’t buy the overalls at all.

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Buddy Lee’s for me 38-40/34 so their ain’t no doubt in my mind they’ll be tight. lol! Plus you can get the fat man sizes at lower prices because of overstock.

maybe T-Nation should come out with a jeans line…hmmmmm there could be good money in that lol

Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again

Moo-Moo’s FTW.

I really like the look of straight legged jeans, just not anymore now that I actually have a little bit of leg muscle. That, paired with things in my pockets, balloon my pocket areas out. Loose fitting jeans are almost too big for my legs, I feel too thuggish wearing them. However, it may be time to upgrade…

I can’t fit into anything, so I go the nude route…