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Jeans for Big Legs


I know this has been discussed on here, but I can't seem to find the threads. Any tips on brands of jeans to look for for people with big legs and normal waists? I went to Macys last weekend and couldn't get anything in my waist size (36) past my legs.


Hope your pants are flame retardant...


lolz, same here bruh, I got the same problem, just not as severe, forced to wear baggy pants, or really tight ones on my waist.

Never really thought about getting help though :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Buy jeans with a bigger waist.
  2. Buy a belt.




leg area isn't a problem so much for me, the damn crotch area is the problem. What do I do?


Start shopping in the men's department.


Buy a belt for jeans with bigger waist sizes?


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just sayin...


lol, nice


not this shit again



This should be interesting, I don't think we've discussed this before.


Cargo much?


No one's gotten a handjob wearing cargo pants since Nam





i've had the same problem, avoid 7's they all seem to look like skintight and emo on me. just got a few pairs of rock and republics, they fit my legs alot better. i am embarrassed to post any stats on a thread that prof x is on, but just for this jeans convo i will, my waist is 29 and thighs are 23 in, so if the ratio for you is similar at all hope it helps.

the low rise ones also fit the crotch better, any brand. i second the cargo pants. no cargo pants. might as well wear zubaz


All the "thighs too big" problems can be aolved just by wearing your pants at normal height, and not some gangster frat body sag off the hips level. I just discovered this and now a pair of 34x32 pants fit perfect with no belt. my thighs are 28".

Seriously. wear the waist higher. it wont look dorky like it would on someone with no lower body development


Could you please post a picture of yourself holding a shoe?


I doubt one leg would fit in an a size 34 pants. If you are a bodybuilder, just accept that you will need to go up in waist size and wear a belt. Eventually you will have to get shit tailored and that is just how it goes. I do most of my shopping now at Big and Tall shops or on line.