Jeans Constantly Tear

OK, so I just ruined another pair of jeans. Every single pair I have owned for the last several years gets holes on the inner thighs right near my man-dude-area. I think it’s because my legs are so big they almost rub together. Most of the pairs I have ruined aren’t tight at all, they’re regular fit or loose, and they’re not ripping on a seem or anything. Khakis, chinos, jeans, all have the same thing happen to them. This pair that’s ruined now was my favorite pair I ever owned, I was hoping they would last several years, instead here it is 7 months later and they’re trashed. I literally have no long pants to wear in my entire house right now. Every one of them has the crotch completely blown out. It doesn’t matter if I’m cutting, bulking, or whatever.

What do you guys do for jeans that don’t explode after like 5 months?

As much as I like to make fun of “normal pants cannot accommodate my quadz” posts, I have the exact same problem.


Buy bigger jeans…

I have the same issue but not every 5 months. I have probably 7 different pairs of pants so i can rotate through them and they last longer. I ripped another pair of jeans just last weak… my thighs DO rub together and it sucks. thats why I wear compression shorts whenever I go to the gym or play sports cause chaffing is the worst!

The answer to your problem is… buy a new pair when your old ones rip. Clothes arent made to last forever… they wear and then they tear.

lol. Yep. A super-skinny friend of mine was bragging that the jeans he bought were so durable they would last him “for 10 years.” All I could think was, “they’d last me 10 months.”

I’m currently sitting at 245lbs.
My jeans are doing fine.
Stop buying garbage quality?

  1. Buy Shorts
  2. Profit

I have the same issue, even with cargo shorts. I’m not even that big(6’ 200ish isnt that big is it?), but my thighs do rub. Been wearing UA boxer briefs for years.

And it’s getting harder and harder to find jeans that aren’t skinny leg…

damnit. so basically the solution is to just buy inexpensive jeans so i can afford to replace them.

[quote]AccipiterQ wrote:
damnit. so basically the solution is to just buy inexpensive jeans so i can afford to replace them. [/quote]

Find cheaper places to buy expensive jeans. TJ Max, Kohls and Marshalls all carry good jeans at half the price. I’m a fan of Lucky jeans and get them at T.J. Max for $35 as apposed to the mall where they are $80+.

^^got some levi’s the other day and they were only 40 bucks (had to replace my other jeans that ripped)

What kind of jeans are you buying OP?

This happens to me too.

My girl said my dick must have scissors.

Hah! Like she’d know.

[quote]AccipiterQ wrote:
damnit. so basically the solution is to just buy inexpensive jeans so i can afford to replace them. [/quote]

Yes, or you can be better quality jeans so they don’t wear down so fast.

Anyone actually patch 'em? I’ve saved all the pairs with that particular hole with the hope that I’d patch them one day. How did you do it? Sew-on or iron-on?

uhm… carhartt traditional fit. I bought 3 pair at the outlet store in pigeon forge tenn. a little over a year ago. no problems. I bought 3 pair of carpenter style jeans from wally world 6 months ago. I threw away 1 pair 2 weeks ago, and will throw another away before the end of the year. paid 2X as much for the carhartts but so far they lasted 2X as long and still going. where’s the better value?

Happens all the time. I just go with Wrangler and Levi’s from Wal Mart. Usually around 25 bucks and they are just as good as anything else out there, unless of course you want to wear ‘designer’ jeans. To get all the ladies. Cause’ designer jeans, like everyone is aware are panty removers… Especially when combined with popped collars.


Stop wearing skinny jeans

ytis has never happened to me before.