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I’ve found a great split routine that I found in a magazine called “MARTIAL ARTS SUPERSTARS.” It’s the way Van Damme trains. It works perfect for me. If your interested let me know & I’ll post it.

ALSO, in the article, here’s the exact quote from Van Damme: First, you have to keep the fat level down. This might surprise everybody, but I don’t worry that much about my diet. It’s not really how many calories you consume, but what your body does with them. Bill Wallace is in his 50s & he’s in better shape than most 20 year-olds, but all you ever see him eating are MeDonald’s hamburgers. You have to put the body into a fat-burning mode. You have to make it think it’s going to need fuel. So the calories are consumed as fuel rather than stored. This is why I start every day with aerobic activity.

Go for it

I’d be interested in seeing Van Damme’s workout routine. I doubt I’ll be trying it, as I’m enjoying my Renegade training. But you can always learn something from other people.

As for food, I like to eat. And I don’t like to worry about how many calories I’m eating. That’s the cool thing about Renegade training. You can eat a lot and still stay lean because the workouts are so intense. I always eat clean though! I couldn’t imagine eating Mc D’s hamburgers and other crap. Even if you can do that and still “look” good, what about your overall health??

I agree Nate, McDonalds food is not fit for consumption.

I’ll type it in some time today.

I would be very interested in seeing the information. Please post it. Thanks for offering to.

I would be very interested to see the routine, please do post it.

would like to see schedule

By any chance, do you know his stats and lifts?