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Jdpirt - First Post/Training Log

Hi All,
My name is Jake. I have been a reader of T-Nation for about four years now and figured it was about time I get onto the forums and make up a journal. I am 19 years old and focused on strength lifting. Ideally, I would like to gain about 20-30 pounds over the summer. My biggest downfall is a proper diet. I am hoping that writing everything down and having some people critique it will do me good. So anyhow heres my lifting for today.

May 21, 2007

OHS to warmup empty barx8
Deadlift 5x305
Turkish Get Ups barx5 per side
kettlebell swings 25 pounder
4 sets of 4 per hand continuous


ate like shit today, got up at 6:30 for summer class. 3 scrambled eggs with cheese. Big glass of milk and bowl of watermelon on the drive to class. Had some chicken around 2 while I was grilling up 6 pounds for the week. It is 7 now and am eating steak, chicken, red beans and rice and baked potato.

I take one creatine shake mixed with iced tea(out of juice) post workout and about 4 fish oil pills a day. Just ran out of protein, need to order some more.

I am planning on finishing up dinner and doing some overhead squats/sled sprints superset around 8. Tomorrow is bench day:(