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JDM135's boring log

6/7/2021 Monday
Day 1 week 1 of @dagill2 's 531/kroc-wheels program
superset press with 3 pullups per round, so 15 pullups
5x95, 5x135, 5x155, 5x175, 5x200lb
10x335, 8x355, 6x375
@dagill2 this is a sled with about 45-degree angle. ROM is good. These numbers assume a 45lb sled weight and don’t account for mechanical advantage of the angle, so an arbitrary reference.
20 BW, 20 @ 20lb, 20 @ 40lb.
–After this I was at a full hour of gym time, which is already too long. Continued, but had a sense of rush; I will do better to split the subsequent portion out as you suggested.
8@90, 8@110, 8@130 (pin-select, so numbers are arbitrary)
8@145, 8@145, 8@165lb
-These could be heavier but… trying to find that MMC. I’m not sure it’s there, and I don’t know if heavier weight or slower tempo is a better solution.

Definitely fried after this monster! 75 minute session! More notes later when I have time.


Awesome work dude, good to have you playing along.

Mine is also pretty arbitrary, but recorded so I know what to be adding weight to next week if needed. I didn’t record weight on the hamstring curls because I don’t want to be chasing weight there, I want to use the right weight and get some good MMC

Remember next week will be considerably longer, you have an extra 7 sets of squats to do. Splitting it out seems like a more sensible idea if you struggle to get this done.

I’m just planning to pile on the weight, I can already feel it in my hamstrings well enough because of the pre-exhaust but YMMV.

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6/7 afterwards:
15 more pullups at work, total 30 so far
Swimming: 10 “laps” which has to count for some conditioning


6/8 early:
5 rounds EMOM, 3 SGHP 115lb.
Then some shrugs with the same 115.
Just a little something to start the day.


I always did RDLs more than SLDLs, maybe you’d prefer the former. I honestly probably experience too much MMC on them. I find that elevation helps.

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I don’t know the difference between them without looking it up. I will check it out.
Was using 25# plates instead of 45s to create more of an elevation deficit, that’s what you’re talking about right?

I use 25# plates, stand on a 45# bumper plate, and lift in heeled shoes.

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I’m not wasting my good Louboutins on the gym crowd.

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6/8 evening update.
Installed a pullup bar in my new office.
25 pullups, 55 for the week so far.
They were EASY.
10 laps swimming.

Pressed 115x1 just because I walked out there, and noticed a weird soreness I only developed recently. Its kinda between the delt and triceps. Nagged me during Monday’s session, which should have been easy. Hopefully it’s not a warning sign.


Weight check:
177lbs Monday morning, 6/7, when I woke up.
175lbs this morning, 6/9. That’s not good! I had a gallon of whole milk after that leg session, but I can tell I’m not recovering fast enough.
Have run out of bacon, shredded cheese, and heavy whipping cream, so at the moment I’m adding in some carbs. May continue allowing some carbs as I adapt to this new program.

6/9/2021 Wednesday.

Press: 10 singles at 120lb.

Bench: 5x95; 5x135; 5x155; 11x175.
Bench BBBC (Boring but big, compressed!)
135lb 14, 12, 12, 12 - 50 reps in 4 sets.

Last night was AWFUL. 3 of my 4 kids conspired to keep me awake much of the night. The situation cascaded into the morning, since I was going to WFH naturally I can help take the load of my exhausted wife while I’m here…
So press hapenned, relatively uninterrupted except one work phone call;
Then bench press happened during lunchtime but was supersetted with some household necessities. Thus my eagerness to compress the sets.
No extra work at the moment - I like to balance benching with rowing, but don’t have time right now.

Bench pressing feels really good. I don’t know that I’ve ever said that before. This is a new thing for me and I LIKE IT!


Strong work dude.

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6/9 pm update:
10 laps swimming, and about an hour pushing the lawnmower.
6/10 so far:
30 pullups, in groups of 5 throughout the day, on the bar I set up in my office:

Thrilled to have this bar up. I can keep pullups out of gym time if I get enough weekly volume at the office.


6/11/2021 - Friday:
10 rounds, E3MOM:
-5 press 95#
-5 front squat 95#

@dagill2 I added the front squats just for you, these were at a tonic light weight but it allowed me to squeeze the extra volume in there without adding any time, and it’s better than not doing them at all!

Since all this was sub-maximal I was able to really focus on breathing and bracing, which is a brand new skill for me. Watched a couple Alsruhe videos on it and now every set, I’m trying to nose-breathe into my belly, then gulp a little more air into my obliques and lower back, then lock down hard, THEN do the lift.
I couldn’t have held that for 5 heavy front squats, but these were so light I could do the set in one breath. Hopefully with practice this allows me to hold my brace longer, thus lift heavier for more reps.


I straight up suck at bracing, but I haven’t died yet, so it can’t be that bad.

I’m glad we can both be bad influences on each and one up each other on the work we’re doing. Good for you for getting after it.


Mate, I am pretty sure that’s where your colleagues want to hang their coats.


6/12 Saturday
30 rounds EMOM, 135lb
-5 barbell rows
-1 powerclean

Was brutal after around minute 15.
Had the entire family out there in garage, wife on the bike, passing the newborn back and forth between my EMOMs while the 3 older kids bounced around… was chaos but good.

@dagill2 ball bounces back to you. All I’m doing tomorrow is 200 pushups for time, and maybe knock out Monday’s press session early to cut down gym time, so no more gauntlets!

My weight is too low. I need more food. Its tough.


Dude, can I just say that I am so impressed here! I’ve got two kids that can pretty much fend for themselves while I work out, and even so it’s hard to find the time some days. Good on you for making it work! It’s a thing of beauty.


I think I’m done for the day, I need to get me some sleep. If I see an opportunity for some basic bodyweight work, I’ll take it later.

Tell me about it, I just had a predinner snack so I won’t too hungry for dinner.

Edit: alright, fine, I’ll grab a kettlebell out from the garage and see if I can get a WOD done when I take the kids out later.

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Who said anything bad about benching in second position? :sunglasses:

This is great to ehar, and great progress. You shouldn’t fret over weight fluctuations, you’re on the right path for sure, with these workouts and the food you’re slamming

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Yeah, @jdm135 pretty sure you’ve got a stronger Bench than me at this point.

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