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JDM135's boring log

Cycling 30 minutes

Squat 5x5 170lb
Hip thrusts 5x10 135lb
Squats 2x10 135lb
Decline situps in between some sets.
Elbow corticosteroid injection has not kicked in yet, it still hurts for any task from washing my face to loading weights on the bar.

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Bodyweight: 185.2
Ran 1 mile (street).
Did a few pushups (first since the shoulder injury around December 1).
Edit later in the day:
1.25 mile run (street).

Squat 5x5 175lb
SS light single-arm DB shoulder press
BB Hip Thrust 5x12 145lb - finally started to feel this!
Bench press 4x10 115lb
SS lunges 3x10 25lb
Some abs

Have my final vein treatment today, then I have to take the rest of the week (or at least Wednesday) off from the gym; so probably Monday I’ll start my “rehab 5x5”. Still waiting for the cortisone shot to work its magic in my forearm…

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1 mile walk.
Very eager to get back to a real program, I’ll start my rehab ramp Monday.
I’m not supposed to lift at all for 3 days after yesterday’s vein treatment, sucks cause my wife wants to go to the gym together Wednesday night and I won’t be ready.
When my rehab period is over, if my tendonitis is gone, I really want to add this on top of my boring program:

(Unsure how to embed links properly).
Its something I can do at home away from the gym which is appealing.

AM: 1 mile walk (street)
PM: 1 mile run (treadmill); abs.
Bodyweight still 185. Probably because I had a couple beers yesterday…

Bodyweight: 183.0

Squat 5x5@175;
single-arm shoulder press 5x5@25, 30, 35, 35, 35

5 rounds of:
10 pushups;
Some single-leg hip thrusts*

3 rounds of:
25 Decline situps;
DB farmers walk (50s, 60s, 60s)

*I hoped single-leg DB humps would be less weird-looking than Barbell humps. I was wrong. Also, I only felt the contraction in my hamstrings, not glutes. The last couple sets were bodyweight only trying to focus on the glute… For me, these belong in the dustbin of workout history. I’m sure they work great for others though.

This was the last “BS” workout before I start my 6-week rehab ramp-up in earnest. Unfortunately I’m not too happy with my forearm tendonitis, I feel the cortisone shot did not heal it entirely, but if I take it slowly enough I don’t think I’ll hurt anything before my next Orthopedist appointment.

Zero shoulder pain from the DB overhead pressing or pushups so I don’t think I need to worry there; it may be my planned ramp isn’t aggressive enough in those areas but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Besides, at the rate I’m losing weight, I’m probably much weaker than pre-injury anyway and need to work on the foundation.

Six-week Rehab Ramp-up 5x5, Week 1 Day 1, Workout A:
(All 5x5)
Squat 175
Bench 135
BB Row 95

It feels good to be on a program again!

PM gym trip with wife:
1 mile jog (treadmill)
Leg press
Goal was to burn calories instead of sitting at home consuming them. Mission accomplished!

Bodyweight: 182.0lbs

Rehab Ramp Week 1 Day 2, Workout B:
5x5 Squat 175
5x5 single-arm DB shoulder press, 35
2x5* Deadlift, 155

*Per the plan I should have only done one set. Figured it’s so light it wouldn’t hurt anything… sure enough I felt it in my left forearm tendons. Not severe, but it’s not a good sign. Thought the sterioid shot would have cured it by now. This won’t change the plan, but I’ll need to be careful about any extra grip loading on my left hand.

Quick PM workout:
Run 1 mile (treadmill)
Decline situps
Glute-ham raises

Bodyweight 183.2 WTF?
Rehab 5x5 week 1 workout A again
All 5x5
Squat 175
Bench 135
Row 95

1.25 mile run (street)

Morning calisthenics:
Pushups 3xAMRAP with 30-sec rest between:
30, 12, 6
Air squats 3x30

Man, I could do 60-80 pushups straight back in the Navy days. 30 is my AMRAP now?
I’ll try to do this (or similar) more frequently of off days. Usually when I try to do pushups the kids start climbing on me though…
50 pushups and 100 air squats per day at home wouldn’t hurt anything, for sure!

Rehab 5x5 Week 2 Workout 1 (workout B)
5x5 Squat 180lbs
5x5 single-arm DB ohp 35lbs
1x5 DL 165lbs

This only took 30 minutes, so:
Decline situps
Preacher curls

Bodyweight 181.8
Morning calisthenics.
Pushups, 3xamrap, 30 sec rest between:
35, 10, 10
Air squats, 3x33, 30 sec rest between.
Toe touches, 30
Stomach vacuums, 2x15+1x30

Bodyweight 181.6
Rehab 5x5, Week 2, Workout A:
All 5x5
Squat 180
Bench press 155
BB row 100
Had extra time so also did
Abs (plate-press crunches)
Tricep pushdowns

Monday the squats felt hard, today they actually felt easy.
I’m struggling with my form on bench press, the weight is no big deal but I feel that my elbows want to keep flaring and I struggle to keep them closer to my sides; and the bar contacts my chest about an inch or two below the nipple.

Morning calisthenics
Pushups 3xAMRAP, 30 sec between sets
Air squats, 3x33, 30-45 sec between sets
Toe touch 30
Stomach vacuum 3x20

Bodyweight 180.0 (Milestone!)
Rehab 5x5, Week 2, Workout B (again):
5x5 Squat 180lbs
5x5 single-arm DB ohp 35lbs
1x5 DL 165lbs

Had plenty of extra time, so:
Circuit 3 rounds:
-Back extensions
-Cable flyes
-Cable pull-overs

Bodyweight will be hard to keep down as I’m being social this weekend. The squats felt heavy and I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to squat 190 two weeks from now… or 200 four weeks from now… Especially if I keep dieting…
Everything else is rehab so is way easy.

Morning calisthenics
Pushups 42, 12, 10
Squats 33x3
At 5am before flying out for an eating drinking weekend.

Week 3 Rehab 5x5 workout A
All 5x5:
Squat 185
Bench press 160
Barbell row 105

I was worried about the squats, they turned out much easier than I expected despite my lowering bodyweight. Possibly that was related to the fact that I ate quite a lot on the weekend.

Had extra time, so:
EZ-bar curls: 50 reps in 3 sets (25-25-10), about 40lbs (Don’t know how much the bar weighs, I had two tens on the bar).
Shoulders (front/side/rear raises)

For weight loss, I’d probably be better using my “bonus time” doing burnout sets on the leg press to burn as many calories as possible; or jogging. But I’ve been doing these “mirror muscles” instead. Hopefully it’s not a total waste.