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JDM135's boring log

1/5 Tuesday
10x205 straps
10x245 straps

10x10 at 55lbs. Rest periods are very short still.


I really don’t know! This is basically 3 identical workouts in a row, but I like it because there is room for progress and so far the elbow isn’t any angrier than before. Maybe need a “b” workout though… Seeing a new ortho Friday. Will see if he has any advice.

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Hey man, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

1/6 Wednesday
T-ransformation challenge has put me into a good headspace. Got up early, had coffee with coconut oil as I always do, then this time added a 3lb chain to my 40lb vest and walked about 2 miles instead of the usual 1.1.
Now making 2 eggs which I’ll top with a slice of swiss cheese and salsa.
Lunch will probably be “out” which means I’m likely to enjoy it, but it won’t help with leanness.

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1/8 Friday
10x215 straps
10x255 straps
Top set wiped me out, took a lot of breath between reps.

10x10 60lbs.
That press is only 5lbs more than last time but if is a different world… feels so much heavier, moves more slowly. Had to give time between sets, around 2 minutes, whereas last time it was closer to 1 minute I felt like.

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The last set of DL was tough, slow, lots of breaths in between

10x10 65lb
Timed rest to 2min per set, except the last 2, which were 2:30 and 3:00 respectively.

Bonus: press 85lbs 4 solid tight reps.

Bonus: front squat 95# 10
145# 3

6 months ago I visited a Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon. He looked at the MRI I’d just had taken, and prescribed a second CS shot. He said surgery wasn’t an option because there was nothing to operate on.
That CS shot, as documented here, wore off quickly. So last week, after much delay, I visited a different Orthopedic Surgeon.
After reviewing the same MRI and listening to my history, he stated - very quickly - that this is an easy fix, he will do surgery and I’ll be back to normal soon. He sounded very confident.
He went on to say that healthy tendon is white, inflamed tendon is yellow, and all he has to do is carve out the yellow bits, and the tendon will re-grow with healthy tissue.

Sounds easy… but… if you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail, and surgeons like to do surgery. I’m skeptical. He seems to be completely opposite the previous ortho.

At the moment, I’m going to take Hyaluronic Acid 200mg/day and apply cross-fiber massage to the inflamed area, and soon, pick one week to totally rest the forearm (wear a sling at home, probably).
Read some stuff on the internet about HA and it looks like injecting it into tendons cures them, but unfortunately my dr won’t do that, so I’m just taking the pills I bought from Amazon. Oral HA seems to benefit osteoarthritis patients, but there’s no direct evidence of it helping my condition. However I’ve tried so many other things, might as well try this too.

The reason I’m going to focus on cross-fiber massage is because the surgeon stated that tendon blood flow is naturally quite low, but that surgery stimulates it. Well hell, can’t we stimulate without surgery? Maybe the painful massage will get blood moving in the area?

I am in no way qualified to advice here - but I do get why you are a bit sceptical of the “easy fix”. I would probably get a second (third?) opinion before jumping at that.

This is not a bad idea, if nothing else it reminds you not to use it, which can be really hard to remember going around the daily business.

Finally removed GMM from the log title.
Two 1.1 mile 40# vest walks today, and one yesterday.
Did some heavy construction work in the afternoon and my elbow is super angry.
Still procrastinating on surgery, third opinion, and or a week of wearing a sling.

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Two weighted walks yesterday, one with dog and one with family.

Last set was more like 10 singles lol. Luckily I was strapped to the bar and couldn’t walk away. But I’m definitely stronger than when I did 285x3 and had all that spinal flexion.

70#, 10x10.
Needed a lot of rest to accomplish this. 3 ish minutes per set after the 3rd set.


1/18/2021, Monday
This weekend included, as always, tons of weighted walking, heavy landscaping work (planting two shrubs, burying drainpipes, etc) and other heavy handwork (plumbing and carpentry). Elbow continues to be angry and it’s just a fact of life at this point, unless/until I either find a magic potion or do surgery.
This morning:

10X10 75lb
First few sets performed E3MOM; On set 6, nearly failed rep 10.
3 full minutes between sets after that.

I’m happy to have come this far with the deadlift. Recently I did 3 bad reps with this weight, today I did 7 reps, then 3 more after a short rest.
I have no deadlift goals; but since other pulling movements hurt my elbow so bad I feel deadlift is a good idea. I will drop to once per week though, and stick with this weight scheme until I can hit 10 reps on the top set.

For press, I’m very happy to have brought the 10x10 this far. I believe I’ll drop to once per week; unsure about progression from here on. Lifting is not high on my life priority list; having a healthy elbow should be higher.

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