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JDM135's boring log

11/24 Tuesday
I’ll be spending nearly the entire day driving, so figured I’d do myself a favor and move around before hitting the road. 1.1 mile 30# vest walk in 18:22. Its time to add weight to the vest.

11/25 Wednesday
Olad week 3 lift 2
245x2 sorta PR

*sorta PR because I did 245x2 before, but they weren’t deep enough to count. This time they were definitely parallel or below.

Almost done!


Congrats on another PR man.

Does squatting give your arm issues?

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Yes, amazingly, even squatting hurts my elbow. I assume it’s because of the full-body tension, keeping lats tight and gripping the crap out of the bar. If it didn’t aggravate things, I would keep squatting during my recovery hiatus. Unweighted RFESS is probably the best I’ll be able to do.

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Yeah that was going to be my grand idea. Hoping for a quick recovery, good luck man.

186lbs today. Picture for reference.

Lol not a good pic. I swear my arms and quads are bigger than that lol.

11/26 Thanksgiving day
1 mile super slow weighted vest walk with family
35#, took 28 minutes.
Ate tons at a family gathering, but less dessert than most of those present. And played badminton for close to 3 hours.

11/27 Friday
Olad week 3 lift 3
Attempted 125x2
Barely got the first rep, second rep stalled at eye level. Immediately dropped to 115 and squeezed out a single.
95x8 as penance

So 125x1 was a PR I set 3 weeks ago. I shouldn’t be disappointed in not getting 125x2 today but I really thought I would get it… I should be happy I replicated the PR at least.

Today begins a lifting hiatus! Will update as I figure out what I’m going to do for the next 3 weeks while I try to give my arm a break.
Meanwhile I’m still doing electrical and plumbing work, painting, and oh yeah - building a playhouse for the kids. Sorry, elbow.

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1.1 mile 35# walk in 17:43
Couple hours later, another mile 35# with the family, super slow, like 30 mins.

11/30 Monday
Upped the vest to 40#, maximum capacity
1.1 mile walk untimed

Edit to add: 12/1 Tuesday
Another 40# 1.1 mile walk Untimed.

12/2 Wednesday
Went to the gym for a “hands-free” workout. Ended up getting more than I bargained for.
Basically no rest the whole time, just a few seconds here and there to catch my breath:
RFESS, no weight, 5x10 each side
Lying leg curls, crazy dropset that made me want to die
Band pullaparts
Leg extensions, crazy dropset that made me want to die
Situps on decline: 10 straight, 10 left, 10 right, 10 straight; 5 straight, 5 left, 5 right, 5 straight. Just about threw up at this point and felt a cramp in my abs.
GHR, bodyweight only, focus on “crushing a walnut” between my glutes:
3x30 with about 30 seconds rest in between.
Just about threw up at this point.
Staggered over to do (right arm only) cable garbage and realized I was definitely going to hurl or pass out if I kept moving. Ended up nearly collapsing in the shower and taking about 20 minutes to recover well enough to drive to work.

All in all I think it was a combination of breakfast being only sausage and coffee, and working hard with no rest, when I’m used to short sets with plenty of rest, that did me in. I feel fine now. Perhaps this is the time to build work capacity while I’m not using the arm.


Sounds like a good workout - you’ll see, at the end of this, you will have huge legs :wink:


Haha thanks. My squat is disproportionately low so maybe I can lay a good foundation while I heal.

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1.1 mile 40# walk, untimed.

Doms update: sore abs and glutes, to a lesser extent soreness in my hams and quads.

Elbow update: it’s better than it was 3 weeks ago, but about the same as 6-8 weeks ago IIRC.
Keeping up with the rehab exercise, and resting it as much as possible. Strangely it is worse at night.

Bodyweight 184.5 this morning.

12/4 Friday
About 1.5 miles with 40# vest. I’ve become acclimated to it, time to start pushing distance a bit.
Bodyweight 184.5 again despite eating a massive fat and carb meal last night. DOMS came in a bit more in my hams and quads.

12/5 Saturday
2.1 miles with vest.
It’s been a full week since I used my elbow in a lift, I am still hesitant to say it’s getting much better. I did some heavy yard work last night, and when I came in my elbow was on fire again. And of course it hurt during the work.

I honestly think that you should look at this in a much longer time frame - one week is not much time - especially if you aggravate it with other types of heavy activity.


12/7/2020, Monday
Bodyweight only. 10x10 each side. 60 sec rest periods, crept up to about 70 sec by the end.
Overhead squat
Yes, I’m not supposed to touch a barbell for my elbow. But I used the empty bar, and the elbow stays straight the whole time, so it didn’t aggravate anything.

Finished off with 30 decline situps and 30 GHR.

You are right sir. I know you are. I just hate doing nothing and waiting. But it took months to get this bad, it will probably take several weeks to heal. I just hope that once it heals, I can lift again and not ruin it and start recovery all over again.

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I feel you 100%. And who am I to talk - I should myself take a break to get my wrist back in full health. But I hesitate - would hate to break my progress. So yeah, much easier said to others, than applied to oneself.

I only have my own experience to go by - and am not otherwise qualified, so could be wrong. But I would think you could - but that there will be a real risk, that it will flare up when you overdo things. You will need to learn to back off, when it does and design your workouts around it.