jcatalanlo092's Training Log

So, I’ve been training for about 7 years now, and I’ve never once used a training log. I just started playing Jr. College Baseball at the ripe old age of 22, and realized that, while I was certainly much stronger than just about anyone else on the team, I wasn’t a better athlete; a few years of doing pretty much nothing but lifting weights made me really good at lifting weights, and little else. After getting my ass whipped into relative shape during the Fall season, I made it my goal to come back in the Spring ready for action. With this in mind, I decided that maybe MORE weight lifting wasn’t going to solve my problem, but LESS weight lifting certainly might.

The program I’m beginning is designed to make me a better athlete- I’m not out to bench press 500 pounds, have huge guns, or look good naked. These goals may all be eventual byproducts of the training, but I digress. I’ve borrowed an undulating periodization scheme from Alwyn Cosgrove, because the science behind it seems relatively solid (look at “Hacking Your Strength Training” on this site, for more details), but I’ve taken my exercise selection queues from Thibaudeau, Contreras, Bruno, Cosgrove, etc., as they all seem to (mostly) agree on the lifts that will provide the most bang-for-your-buck. Finally, I also took away a bit of the P90X philosophy, where you have training days that don’t revolve around the weights; I’ve included a training day comprised entirely of Yoga (I’m a pitcher, balance is key) and a training day that’s simply a circuit where I hit the heavy bag, jump rope, etc.

And so, without further ado, I present the program that (I hope) will make me a stronger, faster, more balanced athlete by the Spring Baseball season:

Warmup (every lifting session):
Static/Dynamic Stretching
Pushups x25
Face Pullx25
Jump Rope 1 min

Session A:
Jump Squat
DB Low Incline Bench Press
Ring Inverted Rows
*Ab Wheel Rollouts 2x10
**40 Yard Dash x12 (walk back, repeat)

Session B:
Yoga!!! Upward Dogs, downward dogs, vinyasas, a crap ton of isometric holds. I use Yoga X from the P90X series, and I don’t care how much you lift, this will kill you the first few times.

Session C:
Hang Clean & Press
Ring Pullups
Bulgarian Split-Squat
Glute/Ham Raise
*Hanging Leg Raise, 2x10
**Weighted Carries, 500 yards, 100lb. heavy bag (right shoulder carry, bear hug, left shoulder carry, zercher carry, repeat)

Session D:
Jump Rope, 3 min
Heavy Bag, 3 min
Pushups x25
Repeat x3 (18 min of jump rope, 18 min of heavy bag work, 75 pushups)
Delt Triad, 2x12-15
DB Curls 2x12-15

Session E:
Front Squat
DB Single Arm Row
Ring Dips
DB Single Leg RDL
*Offset DB Decline Sit-Up, 2x10
**Sledgehammer Strike, 2x50 each side (sets of 25, performed under 1 min)

Week 1 Training Log

Session A: 4x4
Jump Squat 135 lbs.
Deadlift 315 lbs.
DB Incline Bench Press 75 lbs.
Ring Inverted Rows +25 lbs., feet elevated

Session B: 3x8
Hang Clean & Press 185 lbs.
Ring Pullups 8,8,6,2 (BW)
Bulgarian Split Squat 135 lbs. (front loaded)
Glute/Ham Raise 8,8,8 (BW)

Session C: 2x12
Front Squat 205 lbs.
DB single arm row 50 lbs.
Ring Dips 12,10,2 (BW)
DB single leg RDL 35 lbs.

Session A: 2x12
Jump Squat 50 lbs. (sandbag, front loaded)
Deadlift 225 lbs.
DB Incline Bench Press 50 lbs.
Ring Inverted Rows 12,12 (BW)

Session B: 4x4
Clean & Press 185 lbs.
Pullups +25 lbs.
Bulgarian Split Squat 135 lbs.
Glute/Ham Raise (BW)

Session C: 3x8
Front Squat 225 lbs.
DB Single Arm Row 75 lbs.
Ring Dips +15 lbs.
DB Single Leg RDL 50 lbs.