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JC Chavez Jr Hasn't Fought Any Contender


I like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr because his fundamentals are solid and his jab is very good. However, he hasn't fought anyone significant. So his 42-0-1-1 is inflated for the most part.

Question is, is it a good strategy to keep feeding him 2nd-tier opponents he can easily chew on until he develops into an elite boxer?

Or should he go all the way and start fighting contenders? He is being trained by one of the best (Freddie Roach) which means he's in good hands. That's aside from the fact that he's the son of one of the greatest hispanic boxers of all time.

I say he should start to fight tougher opponents because his fundamentals are good anyway and he's not getting any younger (though he's still pretty young)

Your thoughts?


The only thing that he has going for him is how young he is... but still, 42 fights and not one single decent contender?

I mean, the guys he's fighting aren't even 2nd tier- they're nobodies. What's the point of having 42 fights if that's how you're going to be?

In reality, I think the only thing he's doing is ensuring that one day he will be very punch drunk.

If Freddie isn't putting him in there with champs yet, that means he's not ready. If he's not ready after 42 fights, he may never be ready- look how quickly Amir khan has moved up, even though he can't take a punch worth a shit.


I agree with everything written here. I think Roach has only been part of the picture since 2010 though.

This is a question: Does the whole Chavez/Mexican Fighter/Legacy thing have anything to do with this. His dad fought over a hundred times and got his first non win against Whitaker, Chavez was 87-0 prior according to wiki. Are they trying to build Jr. a record that looks like some semblance of his father's? Would it matter marketability wise?


The goal isn't to turn Chavez Jr into an elite fighter, just a protected C fighter. And if the opportunity presents itself a protected B fighter. He's always going to make more than other fighters in his position due to his marketability, in the long run he's a good fighter to promote because he can generate more revenue than other C and B level fighters.


Just wanted to say that I was at the JJC/Sweet Pea fight in San Antonio in '93 and two things happened: Terry Norris fought on the undercard and knocked some dude through the ropes and Sweet Pea beat JJC's ass all over the ring but the refs robbed him of the win, and according to my dad it was so there wasn't a riot in the arena. In case y'all didn't know, San Antone is predominantly Mexican, and JJC losing would've pissed off a lot of really drunk and angry loyal JJC fans.


I've been a boxing fan for as long as I can remember, but this is one of the main reasons why people would rather follow MMA. Too much hand-picking your opponents in boxing.


What was the atmosphere like midway through the Whitaker fight?

EDIT: Isn't Jr. the dude they want to fight Alvarez for the WBC "Cubic Zirconium" Belt?


LOL yeah but the extra shady Bob Arum didn't wanna see it happen. Sounds like he's protecting JCC.


The spotlight still isn't on him. If he's not going to dominate you don't want him fighting 2nd tier and elite fighters even if he can win. If you have someone that can possibly be champ you want to maximize money for all future fights. If he fights a boring fight against a 2nd tier fighter he gets little to no money for that fight and no build up for the next fight. The last thing you want is a champ who gets 2nd tier purses. That's a waste of your time as a manager.


Honestly man, that was so long ago I don't fully remember, but I do remember EVERYONE was standing for pretty much the whole fight and anytime Chavez landed anything the arena went apeshit. I also remember there was a chorus of boos at he decision, and some people started throwing beer bottles towards the ring. Despite the fact that Chavez got his ass whooped, the crowd was pretty salty at the draw.


They're looking at having Canelo fight Mayorga on HBO PPV.


Aye. But I believe the plan is to feed both fighters gimmes and alphabet titles and then bring them together for a "superfight" that will smash all existing records. sigh