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JB's Precision Nutrition and Carbs


I have been on T-Nation for a while now, and have really dove deep into the anabolic diet(solution)(though it seemed WAY to drastic to me?)
and bought Waterbury's latest book. (great book, and love the workouts! just maybe way to much info at once?)

And am looking @ JB's precision nutrition. I am very confused as to what to follow?

Waterbury says to start with a 33/33/33 ratio and add carbs, or loose them after a few weeks depending on the individual and their reaction to carbs?

while the anabolic solution says eat a crap load of fats, medium protein and very low carbs.

But what about jb's precision nutrition? Are there ANY people out there who have actually spent the money and time into REALLY reviewing it and or ACTUALLY used it?

RESULTS? yea or nay?

I am interested in some reviews of both:

precision nutrition and or
Waterbury's 33/33/33 ratio system?

All help is appreciated and soaked up!!!






Try reading some of JB's articles on this site.

They'll give you a good idea of how he thinks about nutrition - an approach that is different from the AD - and thus, about the possible fundaments of Precision Nutrition.

Keep in mind though, I do not own nor have read Precision Nutrition.


precision nutrition isnt about giving you numbers to manage. The only info like that was in the 10 habbits and concerned fat intake (around 33%). The rest of it is about habbits and behaviours towards success. ie: meal prep, compliance, etc.

It concerns what you need to do in order to follow a detailed diet plan for a long period of time. Starting with the big things rather the small details. from what i remember off the top of my head. i may of missed some things.

If you can't get in 6 meals a day, composed mostly of whole foods, for atleast two weeks then your not going to be able to follow any plan that requires you tracking minor details like carbs, calories, etc. then progressing one step at a time.


Thanks for the replys. I have in fact read through the pn and was just wondering what others thought of it? I did not want to spend any money because most of it is basically about starting and continueing good habits, i was just concerned due to the fact that the only people i have read about actually trying it were trainers?

It is a good plan, i just wanted to see if anyone had actuall experience using it and how it matched up to other lifestyles and what the results were?

thanks people!


Precision nutrition works. I'm sure the other ones work too. Try them out, see which one you like the best and what works for you and go from there. It should be fairly simple.


what works is whatever you can stick to

JB and Chad have more similarities than differences, so as long as you follow a path somewhere close to them you'll be fine.


PN is a great package. There is a lot in there that can be found in some articles, but, what you get with it is worth it in my book.

All the recipes and the support network combine to make a really good product. I use it and recommend it to people I know.

Like one reply said, it doesn't give you numbers. It teaches you to learn what works for you. And it does it in a simple manner so that you can follow it for a long period of time.



I guess the whole PN just confuses me as to how you can just "use" the gourmet nutrition menu and pick "anything" from the sections, or use the 21 super foods and still either cut fat and weight or bulk up? It confuses me because you do not know how many calories your eating, or if you want to loose weight or fat, how and what nutirients you need to scale back on or eat more of?

Am i thinking too much into this? Or is it just that simple?


It seems confusing at first, but it isn't. JB outlines a method to try for a few weeks and then how to make adjustments for what you want. You can track the calories if you use the recipes. He gives all of that information in the recipe book.

Also, you can't just pick what you want from the menu. JB explains what foods are for after you workout and which ones are for any other time. Of course, once you learn more about your own metabolism, that changes as well. JB explains how to learn that.

It really is a good program that anyone can follow once they learn the idea behind the system.