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JB's Ottawa Seminar...

Hello T-Men and Vixens,

Anybody going to JB’s seminar in Ottawa, Ontario this week-end?

I’m going, and I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. It’ll be good for both myself and my clients (just certified NSCA-CPT in the summer and I’m always open to new info).

I’ll be the guy drinking shakes all weekend. It’ll be my third week of the velocity diet.

Hope to see you there!


My friend and I’ll be there too.

Can’t wait for it, it’s gonna awesome. I’ll be the guy that looks like a broad-shouldered nerd with a redheaded guy.


this vixen is going. I’ll probably have my shakes with me too. See ya there!

I’m there

If I run out of food I might just cook Berardi … hmmm sounds like Chef Boyardie …

Hey, it’s gonna be all freaking day on saturday.

can someone post some more info about this. I might go…I have to work nights though :frowning:

[quote]scotty144 wrote:
can someone post some more info about this. I might go…I have to work nights though :([/quote]


All -

Even if you’re familiar with JB’s work, these seminars will blow you away!

I really like the fact that while you can have a good idea of where JB is coming from via his articles, the seminar really allows him to bring all his concepts together, and show how they’re all inter-related. Needless to say, this is a seminar that I would recommend for ANYONE - whether their goal is strength, physique, athletic performance, or just general health.

You won’t be disappointed!


JB, for those of us who have difficulties traveling, do you have any plans to release some some sort of dvd and/or written coverage of your recent seminars? I (and I’m sure many others) would be very interested in such a product.

The seminar was fantastic.

I’ve learned allot from JB in the passed from reading articles and books written by him. Nothing compares to listening to him speak in person.

Thanks JB