JBs New Program Question?

Just read JBs new “Creation Continue” and am gonna give it a try. My goals are essentially what he achieved with the program - LBM gain and fat loss. My question is how should I adjust his nutrition plans for my BW? I am about 255 at 15%BF. His plan goes from 4000cals to 4800 but he doesnt give any insight about how he determined calories for the program. Right now im probably only cosuming around 3000 cals/day. With respect to my goals should i follow his same nutrition protocol ( idont know what his starting BW or BF was) If not how should i adjust cals + macronutrient percentages??

“Probably around 3000 K/cals”

U really need to start a food log and track what you are eating and how it personally effects u. There is no magic formula that is going to tell u how many k/cals u need, or the macro. %'s that work well for you, except time and experimentation. For a general Idea Use the search on the mag. and search for the New Diet Manifesto. Check out the Dont Diet Diet and Tdawg 2. Should be able to get a staring point from those and the rest that are in that article.

Good Luck

Thanks for the input. What Im looking for is how to manipulate the diet outlined in JBs program for my BW, BF, and goals. Every program has a different recco on cals. Usually mutliplying your BW or FFM xs some magic number and then allowing for physical activity, TEF, etc. So i guess what im looking for is essentially how JB came up with the numbers in this diet for his own BW + goals? From there I could adjust it to fit me.


The reason that there isnt any equation to use in JB’s article is most likely due to the fact that he didnt use one for this particular plan himself. He simply used what he knew worked for him over his years of logging what he eats and how he trains. The article was a pretty much a documentation of how he trained for a set period of time, if it were a program he laid out for a client then he probably would have included the #'s used for that trainee. So I figure your best bet will be either start with the #'s laid out in either his Massive Eating or Dont Diet Diet. This will depend on your specific goals. Either of these should be compatable with this workout, and give u a starting point to adjust from.

anyone else on this?

(thanks phil i was looking for an easier way but i guess i could go w/Dont diet cal reccomendation and then break down JBs plan to see what macronutrient %ages he used.)