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JB's Favorite Type of Cardio

JB, what kind of cardio do you prefer to do, and which kind is better for insulin sensitivity, on that involves the whole body, such as a fan bike where the handle bars are connected to the pedals, or just a simple bike or treadmill?? I would suppose that b/c the whole body is being utilized in the first example, that it would be better for insulin sensitivity, what do you think??

John loves all the Richard Simmons tapes! I think his absolute favorite, would have to be “sweatin’ to the oldies”!!!

Hopefully the man himself will shed some light on the subject.

JMB has been known to use the stepper for in gym cardio (as per previous post … sorry man, Im a fan) presumably for a good balance of calorie buring and low impact. Personally, I go for a treadmill or stepper as most of the other machines dont involve any work against gravity and burn calaries at a rate similar to tapping your foot. Road running is the king of cardio for me although there is alot to be said for good martial arts or exerise classes with a good instructor that controls intensiy for you (as per “Whopper cardio principle 5”) :).

I use the Stairmaster…not one of those stupid steppers where the pedals go up and down with each step, but a real stairmaster where you have to climb a real step. I hate the people who use the stepmaster and hold onto the rails to hold themselves up…you’re not supposed to use the rails! stand up straight and walk! Same goes for the treadmill! Get off the damn rails unless you’re about to fall over! Sorry, had to vent!

Nate Dogg’s all over the Guantlet! Those are some sumbitches! I wish my gym had those instead of the cheapies…I hear ya loud and clear about the cheatahs, hanging on for dear life. I prefer the T-mill and the Stairmaster (used properly) can really kick some butt–literally. Elliptical trainers are alright too.

I wonder what color shoe laces JB uses when he does cardio.

Listen guys, I’m as big a fan of John Berardi’s as anyone, in fact I’ll offer to be prez of his fan club, but don’t you think John has a lot on his plate, and some of these incredibly detailed, anal questions might be easily answerable yourselves if you think about them? After a hard weight workout, do you REALLY think it makes a damn bit of difference whether you’re on a bike with or without those annoying arm levers moving back and forth? Just get on something and do some low impact cardio for a while before your post workout shake. That’s it.
Having worked out with John, all I can tell you from experience is we all got on regular exercise bikes 'cause we were exhausted and sitting down to do cardio seemed like a good idea, plus it was easier to talk to each other.

By the way, his shoelaces have little colorful balloons on them.

I’m not necessarily talking about post workout cardo. I’m really referring to cardio on off days when inuslin sensitivity is the main goal of the cardio.

What about TC’s new aerobics he mentioned in an Atomic Dog a year ago? Would that be a good form of cardio for post workout? Hey, any excuse I can get to ogle at Anna Kournikova I’ll do.

What do you guys think of the Elliptical trainers?