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JBs Dont Diet

Im calculating my Calories following JBs Dont Diet guidelines, and ran into one question: Is it correct that the factor termic effect of protein (from Massive Eating) is left out ??

Does anyone have recommendations regarding protein intake, - should I go with 1 or 1.5 pr. lbs of bodyweight ??

My numbers so far are

Weight: 115 kgs
LBM (estimated): 93 kgs
Kcals: 3460
Protein: 253 grams
Carbs: 306 grams
Fat: 136 grams

Don’t leave out the TEF. Calculate RMR, add in activity factor, and add in TEF. Take 85% of that, and that’s your ticket to leanness.

I’d shoot for 1.5g/lb of protein. I’m a protein prejudice fool, 'tis why.

If you’re eating that many cal, you should aim for 1.5g P/lb. Or even 2g.

Thanx Timbo ! I actually realized that I already had it in there, - it just isnt explicitly named TEF as in the massive eating article.

Does anybody have good suggestions for P+F meals on the go ??

beef jerky + nuts

Stella, - thanx for the hints.

I changed to 1.5 grams protein/lbs bodyweight, so Im now more like 380/260/117 (p/c/f).

How many people have found the cal recomendations for dont diet too high? i find his Dont diet recomendations are good for around maint levels, anyone?

To Whetu:

I find all of JB’s calorie guidelines too high but they are just guidelines. It’s up to us to tweak them. Like you said, his don’t diet calculations are around my maintenance.