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JB's Anaerobic Training Week- Overtraining or Doable?

I stumbled accross an article by legendary John Berardi on his website about how he trains his ‘sprint athletes’… a mixture of weights 3 x per week (push/pull/legs) and HIIT cardio (3 x per week) like so:

Day 1 - Weights (Upper Body - Pushing Type Exercises)
Day 2 - Anaerobic Interval Training (Rowing)
Day 3 - Weights (Lower Body)
Day 4 - Anaerobic Interval Training (Cycling)
Day 5 - Weights (Upper Body - Pulling Type Execises)
Day 6 - Anaerobic Interval Training (Running)
Day 7 - Rest

If I made it 45 minute weight sessions and 20 minute HIIT sessions (with a brief warmup and cool down), do you think this would horribly overtrain me? JB says it links in to his ideas of G-flux, whereby whatever your goals, the higher levels of energy expenditure and intake you’re at, the better your physique will be. He also says this type of training is aimed at developing the kind of lean, muscular, athletic, sprinters physique.

the goal of g-flux training, as I understand, is to be doing some sort of exercise everyday, amounting to at least 5 hours a week.

With properly timed nutrition and adequate recovery you should not over train. especially since you raise your caloric intake after the first week.

So I can give this program my all and it won’t destroy my lifts hehe? :stuck_out_tongue: I still hope to be making gains obviously with the lifts, but just want to retain as much of my athleticism, cardio health and leanness as possible.

No, I don’t think this would overtrain you, even if you are in maintenance or calorie deficit. At least it wouldn’t overtrain ME.

Well I was thinking about using this for a bit of a cut too… hopefully it’ll still work out!