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JB Seminar Syllabus

Ok everyone, by popular request, here’s what I’ll be covering in NYC. Here’s the info posted on Friday:

T-mag contributor John M. Berardi will be giving a Performance Nutrition seminar in New York on Saturday June 12th at Spectrum Conditioning Systems. For more info, drop a note to Mike at mike@spectrumconditioningsystems.com or call 516-767-1718.

***There is an early-bird discount for registering ASAP (It’s about $85 if you register today).

Here’s the goods:

Session #1
The Science Link Nutritional System
The Science Link Nutritional System uses 7 key steps in the determination of an optimal nutrition program. These steps include: I. Evaluating Lifestyle, Exercise & Nutrition Habits, II. Determining How Much To Eat, III. Determining What To Eat, IV. Determining When To Eat, V. Generating The Full Nutritional Plan, VI. Monitoring Progress Via Outcome-Based Bi-Weekly Schedule, and VII. Determining Supplementation Needs. In this session, for the first time ever, John Berardi exposes the Science Link Nutritional System in its entirety, teaching you everything from the basic strategies he uses with all clients to the special problem-solving strategies necessary when individual differences challenge progress. Using the step-by-step system developed by JB and his team, you?ll learn what years of experience have taught - how to get astounding results while others struggle.

Session #2
Body Composition, Health and Hormones
The basic Science Link System typically produces rapid and efficient body composition success in about 80-85% of all Science Link clients. However 15-20% have special needs that require more detailed programming, blood analysis, and special physiological intervention. Sure, most physiological processes are similar between individuals. But there are SNPs and other biological phenomenon that require special attention. Ever heard of SNPs? If not, come learn how single nucleotide polymorphisms can impact nutritional needs. Also in this session, find out how the Science Link Team helps balance the body?s endocrine axis by helping regulate cortisol, insulin, thyroid, testosterone, and estrogen function.

Session #3
Digestive Health
Knowing what to put into your mouth is important. However, ensuring what you’re eating contributes to your goals is imperative. You can?t benefit from what you don?t absorb. In this session, learn the consequences of poor digestion, absorption, and food intolerance from malabsorption to compromised immunity. While many weight lifters have come to accept ?gastrointestinal stress? as a part of their high protein diets, we consider this discomfort intolerable (forgive the pun). Come learn how to optimize your gastrointestinal health.

Session #4
Research Update ? Post-Exercise Nutrition
Fresh out of school, JB has got some new post-workout data to share with you. Using original data collected at the UWO Exercise Nutrition Lab, JB will teach you how targeted post-exercise nutrition improves subsequent athletic performance, glycogen status, the anabolic hormone ratio, and several other important variables. Furthermore, learn how substrate metabolism is altered in a unique way when combining carbohydrates and protein in your post-workout drinks.

Anyone from here comin’ out?

the seminar sounds great unfortunatley I live in Mexico so its a no go :slight_smile:

anyway Im wondering what your recomendation on mineral suplements are??

regular, chalated, colloidal??

Ive read even the fda content tables have lowered the quantity of minerals vegetable have due to soil depletion…
any thoughts?

Are you having seminars in toronto in July/august?

im in! registered yeaterday, can’t wait!!!

No, this is a SILLY BUS!

I would love to come, but can’t. No time, no money.

Will you record the event and sell the video/DVD later?