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JB in MD

I was just thumbing through the new muscular development… when I got to this article entitled “getting lean by revving up your metabolism”… and I’m thinking this is ringing a little familiar… then I see this little breakout box that has listed “metabolism advantage: metafoods” contained therein is quinoa of all things

so I think… WTF??? this guy is a total Berardi rip off… and I get all tweaked and defensive… thumb back to the by line to see who the fuck is ripping off our boy and lo and behold it was written by none other than JB himself…

go figure… looks like our large professor is all growds up

I was looking through an old Mens Fitness, and as im going over this article im thinking “damn, this guy totally ripped off some of Joel Marion’s ideas from Ripped Rugged and Dense”. So i thumb back to find that Joel actually wrote the article.

It just seems weird when these guys show up outside our little world of T-Nation. Esp. in a mag that gets bashed on here, even though its training and nutrition articles follow a lot of guidelines that i see here.