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Jay's Log


Was getting sick a lot in the last 9 months. It all started with going to Las Vegas. Came back from my trip in September 09 down 10 pounds. Worked my way back up but then was hit with a string of illnesses. Started with the flu, then food poisoning, flu, strep throat, flu, severe infection from fishbone stuck in throat, and then got a girlfriend (worst of all).

Basically down 35 pounds at 160 pounds plus high fat percentage at at 5’9. Lost all my lifts. Kind of embarrassing to say what they are now. Going for 180 by end of year with 10% fat percentage all though my main goal is to improve my lifts. This time around I am also training for a few marathons rather than just being focused on weight training. Lost all of my appetite from being sick so much. Need to start forcing myself to eat again.

Just needed to put this down in writing to give me more motivation.