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Jays Bicep


is it just me or is jays left bicep looking somewhat suspect?!it seams discoloured and some odd bulges in it about 2/3rd of the way up on the outer head.im guessing that would be the peak when flexed.when his arm is out straightish(hard to say with those invisible wheelbarrows)but something just looks wrong...just went through the flex pix and it is apparent(at least to me)in nearly every shot


What are you talking about, his bicep is 100% normal/fine


I heard this as well, but am to understand he supposedly tore his bicep or something like that.

I don't really care, personally. He seems like waaaaay too seasoned to fall for a rookie mistake like that.


Read in the olympia thread right next to this one. Apparently he injured it pumping up.


No he did not. SEO


Jay told Dan Solomon during the pre-night show commentaries that he tore it a few weeks back, something with 120 lb dbs (I was in a crowded room trying desperately to hear the audio on my laptop, so I can't give the exact details)

Believe Jay's story if you want, some guys on another forum were talking about how Jay inflates his biceps before the Olympia. Not sure if I buy into that myself, but whatever. Obviously something was amiss at last night's show.



Commentators said yesterday he strained it but when he flexes his bicep it looks normal.


Yes, I saw the same pre-show interview and that's what he said. He was working shoulders and picked up the 120s and said "Crap, I think I just tore my bicep" and I think he continued to do the shoot lol. What a beast.


Ok guys.. obviously he cant just say "SEO gone bad"

Everyone saw the 3 days out pic posted from his kitchen right? Bicep was normal at that time ? Answer is yes..

If he had done this 3 weeks out, it wouldve showed



Keep in mind, i don't know how SEO works but

How does a dude that many years in the game fuck that up?

Seems to me like a running back tapping his ankle sideways.


I too am confused as to why he'd try anything extreme baring in mind the 3 day out picture he posted. Unless he really was terrified that Heath's arms would be the difference?? I'm probably naiive


There are many other factors involved besides Jay's human error, IF, a SEO is the culprit.

The product he used might be infected. Injection might have hit a lymph node. Poor injection technique. Infected syringe/needle. There are many things that could have caused this.

I don't know much about SEOs but I've read some people saying it causes inflammation/irritation and pain right after it's injected. Oh well could be that.

I'll assume he tore it pumping up. Better to be wrong about this than about SEO use.


Guys, seriously, whatever was up with his bicep, it's not the reason Jay lost. I'm a Cutler fan, and even I can admit that Phil just had him in so many ways that arguing over whether Jay did this or that at the last minute is just pointless. The guy had a hell of a run, 1st or 2nd place at every Olympia for the last decade. That's pretty f-ing unbelievable. If he wants to come back (which I personally think isn't the best option), it's his choice. If he steps down, we'll look back at a guy who carried himself with class IMO. All the BS arguing over 'representing the sport' is stupid because 99.9% of the world doesn't care about bodybuilding anyway. In OUR little world, no one ever spoke badly about the guy (even the people who complained that Jay was boring, which luckily isn't a criteria for being a bodybuilder).

I think both Jay and Phil handled themselves respectably last night. The torch was passed, and I doubt jay could have been happier with who he was handing it to.



Jay did genuinly look happy for Heath winning the title. Really can't see anyone taking that away from Heath for a while especially since he is still getting better. I don't know shit about SEO or whatever but Jay's arms didnt look any bigger than in any of the vids or pics he has posted. It's not like hes been covered up for the last few months. Codition, size, and width won his olympias not biceps size so it seems strange he would risk it on such a thing.


Great post


Yes yes but SEO can cause infections.. and infections can cause water retention/flatness..



Lonny Teper has been riding jay's nuts for years, when asked did it look different he says no. Aceto when asked...instantly "yes it looked different."

would it being there or not have changed the outcome...no.

his bicep from some shots did appear more peaked, yes i'm aware that that is his better arm anyways. my GUESS...he injected both for what ever reason, maybe because phil has the best arms ever, and he fucked up his one arm. in his vids the arms looked fine a few days/weeks out...his BS about the lighting and video shoot muscle tear...the arm flexed just fine w/ no abnormality indicative of a tear, just an fed up oil bump/infection.

look stu was right, jay is awesome, great dude but thinking the arm wasn't tampered with is about as silly as believing that a peeled kai could ever lose to phil, it's just fallacy. love jay and the speech at the end but the whole 2 man race was set up to keep a brother down.

ZZZZiinnng and i'm out.


*** retraction***

perhaps jay did injure his biceps, explains the slight shoulder issue, e.g. insertion of bicep to the shoulder. i can think what i think but w/out knowing it's unfair to speculate about it. jay has accomplished so much, who the f am i to say this is "definately" what happened or what he did, so the mystry is what it is.


OK before anyone says that I am a troll, I admit my ignorance but what is SEO? Synthol?


Site Enhancement Oil. Yes, Synthol is a SEO.