Jay-Z the black album

Just wondering what the hiphop heads at this site think of this album. I think it is one of the best albums I’ve heard in quite some time. It gave me that feeling I used to get when I was younger and would get a classic such as cuban linx or illmatic.

jay-z is pop music. probably the most overated “artist” of his genre ever

Fuck Jay-Z. He’s full of himself.

As for the “Black Album,” Metallica had one first.

jay-z and p diddy are both losers. they dont make hip hop or rap, that stuff is striclty pop maybe r and b. i wouldnt waist $.12 on a jay z album.

If anyone had seen my photos on the photo forum, you’d know that I’m a small white boy but if I may offer my opinion, I would suggest you save your money and get Tupac: Resurrection, enough said. Also see the movie.

Wow, I really didn’t see that coming. I mean I listen to some pretty hard core underground stuff, but have you heard this album. It is really good. I actually hated Jay Z about 3-4 years ago, but after the blueprint I changed my mind. He really called me out and I think you all with his line “do you listen to music or just skim through it” Yea, I hate his pop shit as much as the next man, but he is really a better artist than his radio single show.

Pop or not, the man is talented. He’s one of the best lyricists, and has a great flow. He’s makin a lot more money than those “underground” artists, so how can you blame him. From what I hear, the black album isnt his best work still.

Sorry, but as a true hip hop head I find validation for my self-appointed “hardcore” label by listening to rappers no one has ever heard of. This makes me better than you. Right now I’m listening to MC Mad Dog Da Butcher, a Brooklyn rapper who has never preformed anywhere or recorded anything but once left a freestyle rap on an answering machine at Jive records when he was trying to get signed. Yeah, boy, I got a copy of that answering machine tape and now I roll through the suburbs blasting that shit and dissin fools for listening to rappers who actually have recording contracts. Cuz I’m hardcore like that.

Jay-Z sucks, fool.

Oh man, I just heard someone else blasting MC Mad Dog Da Butcher’s answering machine tape. Man, what a sell out. From now on i’m only listening to rappers who have never recorderd anything.

weapon x, what about guys who record their cd’s over the phone from prison? is that hardcore enough for ya?

P-Dog I really don’t think that Puff and Jay are at all close to the same artist. I mean the rappers that I have grown up on have been some of the more hardcore or underground type of artists. I’ve been a fan of wu-tang, outkast, nas, rakim, gravediggaz, etc. since about 1992. A few years ago I started listening to more of the independent scene, such as atmosphere, aesop rock, deltron 3030 and dr. octogon. But over the last year Jay Z has really been the most consistent rapper out there. I’m not some new jack, and if you like rap music you should check it out. The album doesn’t sound anything like that change clothes song.

Weapon X that MC Mad Dog Da Butcher album is the shit. Sound quality sucks, but he’s lyrically lyrical with his lyrics. :slight_smile:

P.S. when I first started to read your post I started to get pissed, then realized the sarcasm.

Jay z and nas are both bullshit. both of those cats had one good album (their first), and that’s it. Jay’s material is weak, and average at best. Rap don’t owe him shit, and I know that he didn’t say he’s as nice as G Rap. Jay z is not in the top ten of lyricists. Make money, good on him, but don’t say he’s nice. That line is bullshit that he spit cause you have to skim and fast forward more than half of any album he makes. I could give a fuck about underground or not. Pun is arguably one of the best lyricists, and he made pop joints. Jay z just happened to be at the right place at the right time to help pervert and prostitute hip hop.

Bronx bomber Just wondering who your favorite artists are?

Fuck Jay-Z.

Yo P-dog, you wouldn’t be referring to Mac Dre, would you? Live from Fresno County Jail? I grew up in the North Bay and I’ll always have a soft spot for the home town shiznit.

Weapon X, that shit was hilarious. In my younger days I used to be all about the “hardcore stuff,” no matter if we were talking about rap or punk or whatever, but that shit is just retarded. If the music means something to you or you enjoy it, play it regardless if it’s some pop crap or some of that underground funk.

As for Jay Z, I think he is a tad bit over rated, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t any good. A man can’t help the fact that he gets hyped up, he just has to do his thing. I should know, people are always hyping me up everywhere I go.

you cant put jay-z and nas in the same category. jay-z is more concerned with the money in his pocket than the lyrics in his notepad, nas is sick. some of his newer stuff isnt as cold as his other stuff, but its still thorough and it sure as shit aint pop. and everyone of yall who claims they love rap, do yourselves a favor and go find some last emporer, hes probably the rawest lyracist spittin right now, maybe ever.

Hip hop/Rap industry is slowly going on the downhill swing. Heck I think the music industry is on a downhill swing.

Here’s why I say at Jay-Z claiming that this is going to be his last cd, they bring back Tupac who is dead and Biggy. Trying too make it look like they are buddies in actuality they are enemies and they probably ordered the hit on each other. Or was it Death Row record that ordered both of them dead too make money on them now? DMX claiming that Grand champ 2003 is his last albumn also. And G-Unit is trying to sell albums by allocating 4 cds to have a dimond necklaces worth about 40000-50000 a piece. I think thats the best marketing tool yet!

The music industry is dieing except for pop I think there is some life left there w/ Britney Spears, Christine A., J-Lo, Jessica Simpson,Byoncene (sp?)

Not, because Pop music is has talent mucisian but its because sex sells.

Any, horny teenage boy will go rush out to get a Britney Spears album. To see what she looks like.

And also Music sharing has also hurt the industry. But, I don’t give too craps about Music sharing I think the guy who invented Napster was a genius.

Ever see MTV show CRIBS look at those celbertiy houses and cars so what if they can’t get another Mercedes in thier driveway becuase they lost $70,000 in file sharing.

We bust are ass everyday getting work on time making ends meet and just barely pay rent or our morgatage to our house ect. I hope file sharing lives on forever!

sorry for this thread to be so long.

In Health,

Silas C.

White flash, last emp is pretty ill, but he keeps getting dropped from labels, and does he even have an album out. I don’t download music anymore, so I can’t hear all this ultra underground shit. I understand the fuck Jay Z attitude, shit I was like that for about 4 years. But Reasonable doubt, the blueprint, and now the black album are all pretty good albums.
Oh, whoever said that Big Pun was a great MC might not know all the facts. He used alot of punch ins because he was such a fat ass and couldn’t breath while he was rapping. I heard people that went to his shows said it was really pathetic. At least Jay can rap through his song without needing oxegen.

yep i was referring to mac dre.

For some reason I got the biggest laugh out of that line when I read it.