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Jay Z - Death Of Auto-Tune


Thank god those that still understand what hip hop is, are starting to address this crap. The hip hop community struggled for too long to gain credibility in the music industry to have it compromised by auto tuning shit.

Kanye actually co produced this track and this is what he had to say about it.


I have a feeling he'll never auto tune himself again. Hopefully others follow suit.


I agree...Auto-tuning has been the death of most genres of music and gave rise to Brittany Spears type who are not musicians just dancer or stage personalities.

Hopefully Kanye will not put out another crap album like "808". I though the album had a lot of pretty well written stuff on it performed by someone that had no business performing the song.

This crap has infiltrated almost all genres. I heard a newer "punk" band the other day had autotuned their tracks. That shit is not punk.


I don't mind the auto-tune so much, but I do think a backlash is coming.

I liked 808s and Heartbreak (the first half was great musically, lyrics were just OK), and I like T-Pain's overall aesthetic. Some good hits have used the auto-tune, but yeah it's been overused.

I don't know if Kanye is gonna give it up soon, nor Lil Wayne. If you listen to some Kid Cudi mixtape songs produced by Kanye, it sounds like he's still fond of the overall sound he used on 808s, and then there's that Mr Hudson song. And Lil Wayne has a collaboration album with T-Pain coming out (T-Wayne), but he has four or five projects this year so we'll see how that goes.


T-Wayne? Wow. I was never fond of Weezy and I don't like T-Pain's sound. Double whack. Throw that shit in the trash


LOL they might, but Lil Wayne's got too many albums slated for release this year, so maybe it'll get scrapped/delayed. Somethings gotta give, he can't release that much material. Some songs have leaked already though.

I liked the combo personally, but I don't like the idea of a full album.


Agreed. I was impressed he came out of his comfort zone, and a couple of tracks could prove to be timeless.

Blueprint 3 better be more like Black Album and less like American Gangsta or Hov needs to actually retire.


whaaaaaat? american gangster is one of the best albums since the black album. Kanye has said his next album will be a rapping album, I just hope it isnt like late registration(I have a vendetta against this album) and more like college dropout(talking about things that are relevant to an average person i.e spaceship)


To be honest, I didn't really give it a fair chance, if others agree with you, I guess I'll have to give it another go. I will only skip one track on Black Album. I felt like skipping a lot during American Gangsta


He said something positive about this shit. His opinion on music is irrelevant. Whether Jay-Z has any talent or not, he's nothing but a complete hypocrite when Kanye West is the co-producer of the track.

This is why I don't give a shit about what happens in the hip hop world.


I was extremely disappointed with "808". College Dropout and Late Registration were classics. Have to disagree with the negative opinions of American Gangster.


American Gangster was a pretty good album, but it may have been the concept and production that put you off. I know that even though I thought AG was good, I would have rather had an album more in the Black Album/Blueprint mold where the aim was hits, where Jay-Z really excels (it'd have to be better than Kingdom Come though).


I really dug 808s.

However, Jays track is fire. Glad he's sayin it, hopefully they'll follow suit. T-Pain got nuthin.


Are you talking about that big time piece of shit song that he dropped? "Prom Queen" with his 2 string guitar solo.


Why lil' wayne is so popular is completely beyond me.


No. I meant a collaboration album they were planning, more in the vein of "Can't Believe It".


That's dissapointing if Jay supported THAT! Maybe cause he knows how hard that spastic wants to suck his dick, he's publicly supporting his move into rock so he gets the fuck outta hip hop. The rock world will wipe their ass with Lil Wayne. He'll just be viewed like a nu-metal artist and you can see how much respect Fred Durst gets.

Kanye is the one who looks like a hypocrite for being co producer on DOA